Happy birthday to us!

Sheen Panel Service on 19 February 2019

It's official: we're turning 50. From our humble beginnings in a single service location in Bayswater in 1969, we have grown into one of Victoria's leading panel beating services, with a whopping 27 panel beating locations including three towing depots.

We're proud to say that we remain a proudly family-run business. Our founder Martin Stone is still actively involved in the business and as passionate as ever about providing Victorian motorists with skilled and professional panel beating services.

In fact, it's Sheen Group's dedication to going the extra mile that Mr Stone credits with our exponential growth and unparalleled reputation in the automotive industry.

Join us as we take a step back in time and reflect on our major milestones and key achievements over the last 50 years.

A short history of Sheen Group

Established in 1969 by Martin Stone, Sheen Group grew and matured as a business at a time when customers still came through word of mouth, telephone directories and referrals from insurance companies.

The combination of hard work, high-quality services, and staying ahead of industry trends and innovations put us ahead of our competitors. In the 1970s and 80s, we were able to open more panel beating locations and broaden our operations across Victoria.

In the 1990s, our founder Martin Stone's hard work in growing Sheen Group paid off through a partnership with Blair Denys, creating one of Victoria's leading panel beating networks.

Today we cover all of Victoria thanks to our multiple locations and extensive employee network. We offer award-winning apprenticeship programs, provide competitive prices and top-notch services that include opening extended hours and on weekends, and make a point of returning all vehicles fully valeted and detailed.

malvern sheen staff2

Our proudest moments and charity work

Some of our proudest moments have occurred while repairing, removing and replacing damaged panels on vehicles or restoring damaged cars to their pre-accident condition.

But of course, there have been a couple of gratifying moments outside the panel beating shop as well. For example, winning the Best Body Repairer award at the prestigious 2018 VACC (Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce) Industry Awards was an achievement that put a smile on everyone's face.

We also found a great sense of pride in updating our website to embrace the latest digital trends and technology, and creating our Upload Your Smash initiative. This nifty little site inclusion allows you to upload snaps of a vehicle's damage from the side of the road and receive a customised quote within an hour on weekdays.

Staying ahead of the crowd and fostering a forward-thinking mentality has always been central to our success at Sheen Group so investing in our online presence was a critical way for us to keep with the times - the Herald Sun even wrote an article about it!

Lastly, our charitable work deserves mention when talking about our proudest moments to date. Sheen Group supports many local causes and national charities and encourages all employees to get involved in fundraising activities and community initiatives. Variety Australia: The Children's Charity is just one charity that we've been proud to support for over 20 years. Every year we participate in their Variety Bash, Australia's largest charity motoring event - read more about our custom-built entry vehicle!

The future of panel beating

According to James Black, of Sheen Group, the future of panel beating is entirely dependent on the technology.

There will always be a future for panel beating as long as people are driving on the road. However, it's a super competitive industry, so we see our future as being contingent on keeping one step ahead of the competition and continuing to service the needs of our customers."

Our commitment to providing the best panel beating services in Victoria sees us offering services that others don't including providing accident replacement vehicles from our fleet of 500+ modern vehicles. We have options for individuals, families and trade professionals, and can even liaise with your car insurance provider on your behalf.

Want to learn more about how we've helped thousands of Victorian motorists get back on the road? For more information about Sheen, call us on 1300 REPAIR or find your nearest service location.