Sheen Panel Service Croydon is Keeping Locals on the Road

Sheen Panel Service on 20 January 2015

At Sheen Panel Service, we believe that customer service should be personal. Though our panel beaters service 26 unique locations throughout Melbourne, each of our panel shops is deeply rooted in the local community that keeps it running.

That’s why we would like to take some time to introduce Sheen Panel Service Croydon and our team of Croydon smash repairs experts. So, if you ever find yourself in an accident in or around Croydon, you’ll know both where to go and a bit about the staff who will be assisting you.

The best panel beaters in Croydon

croyden sheen store reception

Sheen Panel Service purchased the already-established New Coolstore Panel Service in 2010 and, since then, our Croydon panel beaters have been working hard to improve the quality of smash repairs service available in the area.

We borrowed from the existing knowledge of the local community that the New Coolstore staff had gained over the years and, in turn, brought to the location a new set of specialisations and qualifications, to better serve our new local community.

All up, we have ten members of staff employed at our Croydon panel shop. Each member of our Croydon smash repairs team – which includes panel beaters, spray painters, detailers and assemblers – are specialists their field, having undertaken a 4-year apprenticeship in the specific trade they are working in.

Additionally, all of our Croydon panel beaters undergo regular training sessions on a quarterly basis through I-Car Australia. I-Car provides our Croydon smash repairs team with post-qualification skills enhancement in all areas of the automotive industry, including:

  • Welding
  • Aluminium repairs
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Advanced material damage analysis
  • Corrosion protection
  • High-strength steel

So, when we say our Croydon panel beaters are the best, we really mean it. Together, our Croydon smash repairs team – including store managers – have a cumulative 90 years’ experience within the automotive industry specifically. It might be a small team, but good things come in small packages.

croyden sheen store worksite

Setting the standard for smash repairs in Croydon

The key services our Croydon panel beaters provide are the repair and finish of vehicles, and 24-hour roadside assistance through our towing service. Our Croydon smash repairs team is fully qualified to work on any and all vehicles that come through our door, including both standard models and prestige vehicles.

From our New Coolstore panel shop, we deliver these services to all of Croydon’s surrounding suburbs. Our towing service is available for residents living in such areas as Croydon Hills, Croydon South, Croydon North, Ringwood East, Ringwood North, Montrose, Warranwood, Warrandyte South, Park Orchards, Chirnside Park and Lilydale.

Despite our focus on delivering the highest quality smash repairs in Croydon, we don’t just work with cars. We also work with people. The services we offer to our customers include:

  • Free pick-up & delivery of vehicles
  • Accident replacement vehicles in a range of sizes & styles (including utes for tradies)
  • Assistance with claims lodgements with all major insurance companies
  • Post-repair gift bags
  • Sheen Panel Service towing service
  • Clean & green panel shops
  • 24-hour accident assistance hotline through 1300 REPAIR
  • Lifetime guarantee on all workmanship

Because having an accident is never easy. Our Croydon panel beaters like to do whatever they can to make the process easier on our customers.

croydon sheen assessing car information

Giving back to the Croydon community

community croydon school logos

Sheen Panel Service Croydon is a panel shop with heart. Community values are central to the way we operate, which can be reflected in the calibre of personalised service we offer our customers. But our Croydon smash repairs team also like to get deeper into the heart of the matter, giving back to the community by supporting charities who share their own values.

Sheen Croydon does this by contributing to a number of local charities, who help to make the local community what it is. Our team of Croydon panel beaters are proud to work closely with Knox BMX Club, Wonga Park Primary School and Parktone Primary School.

croydon accident hotspot map

So that the community stays safe for everyone, we would also like local drivers to be wary of crash hotspots around Croydon that our smash repairs team have been able to identify over the years servicing the area.

In particular, the area around the Croydon Central Shopping Centre – including the roundabout joining Kent Ave, Croydon Road and Dorset Road – often proves dangerous. Another crash hotspot that drivers should be aware of is the intersection of Mount Dandenong Road and Dorset Road.

While we hope you never find yourself in an accident, if you do need a panel beater in Croydon then remember to call Sheen first on (03) 9725 8325.

Information for this article provided by Dion Naude, Manager of Sheen Panel Service in Croydon.

Testimonial for Sheen Panel Service Croydon

‘Someone damaged my wife's car. We had their details so it didn't bother me how much the repair would cost – just wanted it done well! 

I got 4 quotes! I was astounded by how professional 'New Coolstore' panels were! I had spent time after work asking other places for quotes & they all seemed more interested in going home than helping. I went to new coolstore last, at 5:50pm, and was helped by [Manager] Dion Naude.

Dion was really helpful. He introduced himself to me and my 4yr old daughter, who I'd been dragging around. [He] gave my daughter a squishy Sheen car and was very courteous.

Dion booked the car in at a date that suited us. I was surprised at how soon I could make the booking.

I never send in letters like this to anyone, anywhere. I picked the car up last night and I'd like to commend New Coolstore panels on an excellent repair job and Dion for outstanding service. The repair was quick yet high quality and my entire experience with Sheen [was] made easier because of your staff! 

I was impressed that Dion called to keep me up to date with the repair and when the car was ready! 
I would highly recommend New Coolstore panels again to anybody and my wife has been Facebooking photos of the gift pack and flowers we received! 
Thank you.’

At Sheen Panel Service, we believe that customer service should be personal. Since 2010, Sheen's Croydon smash repairs team have been benefiting from the local community and giving back in turn. For more information, view our Croydon Workshop Google+ Page.