The Fresh Faces Shaking Up Smash Repairs in Campbellfield

Sheen Panel Service on 24 November 2015

A panel beater is someone you should be able to trust—but all too often, there is something not quite right about most panel beaters. We have heard disaster stories from customers who have left other panel beaters in favour of our services.

So when we opened up a new store in Campbellfield earlier this year, you could almost hear a sigh of relief from all the motorists in Melbourne’s north. Read on to find out what people are saying about the newest panel beaters on the block.

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New location. Old fashioned service.

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Sheen Campbellfield is a relatively fresh face, after opening in the middle of 2015. Since then, the Campbellfield team have shown the motorists of Melbourne’s north what a real smash repairs service is like. The ultimate goal is to be the number one choice for panel beating in Campbellfield and beyond.

The five person team of panel beaters, painters and office staff are actively developing their skills as part of this vision to be the best panel beaters in Campbellfield. Part of this process is the completion of industry leading I-CAR Platinum training—on-going industry leading training in all areas of smash repairs, including welding, aluminium repairs, adhesive bonding, damage analysis and corrosion protection.

The team will know they have reached their goal when they are recognised as an I-CAR Gold shop—the leading industry award for panel beaters in Victoria. And the way things are going, this dream will be a reality in no time flat!

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Any car, any insurance. They’re the panel beating team eager to please

Campbellfield Sheen have adopted the decades old Sheen tradition of offering experience and technical expertise combined with exceptional customer service. This means that no matter the car, model, make or insurance provider, the Campbellfield team can help you get back on the road.

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“We welcome all cars,” says team member Travis. “We've even had a brand new, 2015 BMW 445 come through.” The BMW, Travis explains, had fairly extensive panel damage, including damage on the tailgate. The panel beaters were able to use the latest technology to ensure that this ultra-modern car was back to pre-crash condition.

Not only can Sheen Panel Service at Campbellfield welcome any car, they will also welcome any insurer, too. They’ll do everything for you, including arranging a quote and negotiating with your insurance provider. All you have to do is put your trust—and your car—in their hands.

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What makes Sheen different?

  • Industry-leading repair standards
  • Service with a smile
  • Accident replacement vehicle

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Sheen Campbellfield’s successes so far

But what do customer say about Sheen Campbellfield? According to Travis, the most common feedback is how friendly the staff are, especially when compared to other panel beaters. “The difference is we actually care,” explains Travis, “we care about the customer and we care about their car.”

A recent customer experience highlights the difference between Sheen and other panel beaters. “We had a customer come as far as Phillip Island,” recounts Travis. In this case, the customer’s insurance provider had towed their car across Melbourne—which was highly inconvenient and frustrating for the customer. Fed up, they called on Sheen Campbellfield, who were able to turn a bad experience into a good one by helping them get back on the road as quickly as possible.

“We pride ourselves on customer service,” says Travis. “We want to see a smile on their face when they leave the shop.”

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