How to keep your fleet on the road

Sheen Panel Service on 15 November 2018

Whatever business you're in, maintaining your fleet is an essential part of keeping your team on the road. Fleet smash repairs can deal with dents, scrapes, scratches and scuffs as well as headlight restoration, bumper repair, and more. It doesn't matter how carefully you or your employees treat your vehicle fleet - wear and tear is inevitable, and accidents happen.

So if you haven't looked into a fleet repair and maintenance program for your business, you may end up learning the hard way that having your vehicles off the road will cost you.

An effective fleet repair and maintenance program can help you minimise the costs and administration associated with repairing fleet vehicles as well as mitigate any lost revenue. It's important to remember that fleet repairs cater to all elements of the smash repair process, meaning attention is also paid to employees' wellbeing and third-party claim management.

Whether your vehicle fleet comprises cars, utes, vans, 4x4's or trucks, it's a smart idea to look into fleet smash repairs to ensure you can always stay on the road. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to gain from having a professional fleet repairs and maintenance team on your side.

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Fleet clients get priority repairs

fleet repairs

If you rely on fleet vehicles to run your business, waiting around isn't an option when it comes to smash repairs and panel beating. In most cases, fleet clients will receive premium priority service from their fleet repairs partner. This helps minimise downtime and ensures you can get back on the road as quickly as possible with the least amount of inconvenience.

Under a fleet repair and maintenance program, the entire smash repair or maintenance process will be efficiently streamlined. Generally, a dedicated account manager acts as your single contact point throughout the accident response process - they can provide full management and consultation services and advise you on everything from crash management to vehicle re-marketing.

At Sheen fleet repairs, we provide a dedicated 24-hour first response number to assist with triaging accidents and operating your vehicle fleet more efficiently and safely.

Fleet clients get increased access

When you partner with a fleet smash repair provider, you not only receive fast, high-quality repair and maintenance services, you get a series of other perks. These differ from provider to provider, but at Sheen Panel Service, we offer our fleet clients:

  • Access to all 26 of our panel repair shops across Victoria
  • Access to a dedicated 24-hour towing service across Victoria
  • GPS or fleet tracking management systems
  • Crash and insurance management as well as expert advice on excess reduction insurance
  • Access to our accident replacement vehicles and lease vs buy analysis
  • Written reporting on end-of-lease cars and policy creation

We provide our clients with options that take the bigger picture into account and improve your bottom line. The following testimonial from a long-term client, Service Today, speaks highly of our ability to make people's lives easier - even when dealing with a commercial fleet of 80 vehicles.

"Through Sheen's speed, reliability and quality of service, we are back on the road quicker. Having so many vehicles on the road every day, using Sheen Panel Service gives us the confidence to continue with our work with very little fuss, knowing we will have our vehicle back in no time." - Nik Kuzmanovski, Fleet Manager- Service Today.

Fleet clients get reduced paperwork

Introducing a fleet repair and maintenance program to your business means your vehicle fleet is in good hands - and the associated paperwork is in somebody else's. From automatically tracking all service records (including maintenance performed and the date of completion) to liaising with third-party insurers on your behalf, fleet service providers can proactively handle all aspects of fleet repair and maintenance costs for you.

Right from the get-go, an expert team will be assigned to manage the specific requirements of your fleet and identify any possible issues which could impact the value or performance of your vehicle. At Sheen Panel Service, we have extensive experience in dealing with corporate fleets and thoroughly understand the prerequisites for keeping a well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

We can steer your fleet in the right direction

fleet smash repairs

Our Sheen fleet services are designed to make life easier for all our clients whether they retain small, medium or large fleets. We pride ourselves on providing solutions as well as repairs for common fleet maintenance issues. We can help you with end-of-lease returns and touch-ups, and make sure that our fleet management services are both cost-effective and time-efficient for you.

If you haven't considered a fleet repair and maintenance program for your business before, take the logical step forward. Save time and money – and unnecessary hassle - by putting the health and wealth of your vehicle fleet in our hands.

Call Sheen first on 1300 REPAIR for guaranteed excellence in workmanship and customer service across all types of vehicle fleets. No matter the circumstances, we'll keep your fleet on the road.