Need smash repairs in Glen Waverley? Look no further.

Sheen Panel Service on 21 April 2015

When it comes to Melbourne smash repairs, no one does it better than Sheen. The experts at our Glen Waverley location combine the legendary reputation of Sheen with the local knowledge and personal touch of our friendly staff.

Naturally, the manager of the Glen Waverley store Scott Purdey agrees. When asked what to expect from the smash repair service at Sheen Glen Waverley, Scott replied: “Just the standard Sheen service… which is to go above and beyond for our customers”.

Contact Sheen Glen Waverly on (03) 9560 5222  to talk to a local smash repair expert

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The best. And that’s certified.

The eight-person team at Glen Waverley Sheen work together to deliver the best outcome for their customers. No smash is too difficult to repair, and no panel will beat them.

The panel beating team stay on top of the industry’s best practices with the industry leading certification – I-CAR platinum.

This certification means that no matter the repair job, the Glen Waverley team can handle it. Maintaining this certification means ongoing training and development in the latest panel beating know-how. From vehicle redesigns to the latest technology systems, the team at Glen Waverley have it covered.

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The result? The Glen Waverley workshop has been awarded with a Gold class I-CAR smash repair rating. This is the highest honour in the world of smash repairs and panel beating! It's no wonder why the local Nissan, Renault and BMW dealers only trust them for their panel beating needs.

Great customer service, easily understood.

All Sheen employees can talk in the universal language... a smile! After all, friendly and helpful service can be understood in any language.

However, our Glen Waverley shop is unique in that it can service the community’s needs even if English is not a customer's first language. “We have a staff member who is multilingual”, explains Scott.

By his last count, Sheen Glen Waverley can help its customers in 5 different Asian languages.

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Collision hot spots in Glen Waverley

accident hot spot

Smash repairers are the experts when it comes to knowledge of local roads and intersections.

If you are looking to reduce the risk of a smash in the Glen Waverley area, according to Scott, Springvale road is the biggest risk during peak hour times. “Around the service station on Waverley Road is the biggest hot spot, along with The Glen shopping centre”.

Their advice: take extra care in these areas!

Get back on the road, straight away.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a collision, then contact Sheen to get your car back on the road with minimal hassle and stress. From vehicle redesigns to the latest technology systems, the team at Glen Waverley have it covered.

You will even be provided with an accident replacement vehicle so you don’t miss a beat!

Contact Scott and his smash repair specialists at Sheen Glen Waverley.