How Sheen put the pedal to the metal for a great cause and raised $402,000

Sheen Panel Service on 7 October 2019

Sheen Panel Service is dedicated to making the community a better place, both on the road and off the road. We are a family business, and we know just how important the work of local charities is for local families. We are proud to lend our support a number of high profile charities throughout the years.

Sheen Panel Service recently participated in the 2019 Victorian Variety Bash, a rugged journey across three states, all in the name of charity. Read on to find out how a group of drivers from Sheen Panel Service came together to achieve the highest fundraising effort in the state, contributing to the most successful Variety Bashes of all time.

variety childrens charity

Variety - better life for Australian families

We go the distance for many charities, but one of our favourites is Variety Australia, the children's charity dedicated to helping children in need. This worthwhile cause lends support to children and families around the country battling sickness, attending to special needs, or other suffering kinds of disadvantage.

The main cause behind Variety is to address the lifelong challenges faced by families caring for children with adversity. Variety hosts a range of inclusive and creative fundraising events throughout the year, raising funds to provide financial support to struggling families.

Their continuous efforts do not go unnoticed. Over the years, their fundraising efforts have given thousands of children the chance at a higher quality of life, helping them integrate with local schools, and supporting extra curricular activities where possible. The commitment has touched and improved the lives of many people around the country, and Sheen is proud to have contributed to their efforts.

The Variety Bash

Each year, Variety Victoria hosts the wild, cross country Variety Bash, where teams drive through the outback in custom-made vehicles, visiting towns and spreading the message of support. The journey lasts 10 to 12 days, and raises millions of dollars for charity along the way.

Sheen Panel Service has been a part of the Variety Bash since 1996, and encourages all staff and supporters to donate their time, money, and effort to this brilliant cause.

This year, we are proud to announce that our faithful Car50 pulled out all the stops. Not only did our team complete the entire Victorian Variety Bash, but were the highest fundraiser in the state! We raised $402,000 out of a record $1.82 million for Variety.

variety charity

On the road with Sheen

The Sheen team in Car50 began their 5,200km journey from Melbourne to Perth on August 19, winding their way through iconic towns like Warnambool, Hahndorf, Whyalla, Ceduna, and Kalgoorlie, to name a few. Here are some highlights from the bumpy road:

  • Seeing the surfers roll through in 10 degree weather at Warnambool before watching Variety present a cheque to Warnambool SDS.
  • Hanging out with sheep and schoolkids at Whyalla, before taking part in the Whyalla Special School grant presentation.
  • Braving a split floor chassis mount in Ceduna and some suspension issues in Leonora, gratefully both fixed by local experts.
  • Having some rest and recuperation in Kalgoorlie after a marathon 717km drive through Balladonia, Western Australia.
  • Making the final stop in Geraldton, WA, with a $3,000 grant being gifted to the Mt Magnet Primary School.

Finally, we completed the journey with a wonderful gala dinner, where the team from Sheen were awarded first place as the highest fundraisers for the 2019 Victorian Variety Bash. The Sheen team were amazed at the support and passion offered by everyone in our circle, and we couldn't be more ecstatic to achieve what we did.

Get behind Variety

The Variety Bash is a massive effort from everyone involved, from the organisers at the finish line, to the drivers on the road, to all of our donors and supporters. An epic journey like this simply couldn't take place without the passion of the participants involved.

Teams are already revving their engines for the 2020 Variety Bash. If this sounds like it's right up your alley, getting involved is easy. All you need is a sense of adventure, willingness to go the distance, and a vehicle that is at least 20 years old.

Variety can help you get organised and advise you on how to sort out your own vehicle entry. If you need to find an old whip for the journey, past Variety Bash-mobiles are up for sale around Victoria.

We'd love to have you on the road with us. If you want to know more about this unique fundraising event, visit the Variety website, or get in touch with Sheen Panel Service.