Find out how your car's new coat of paint should look and feel

Sheen Panel Service on 30 November 2016

Don't get caught out with a second-rate car paint job

If you're like most people, you'll probably only have your car painted once or twice during its service life.

Typically car respraying only takes places after a collision or when you're looking to enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. Either way, it's not usually a regular occurrence.

Because of this, many people are unfamiliar with how their car's fresh coat of paint should look and feel.

This can cause problems down the track, as issues associated with a second-rate car paint job often don't appear until later on. Or after the warranty period has ended.*

Here's how to evaluate the quality of your car paint work now, so you don't get caught out later.

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Step 1: Inspect your vehicle in a well-lit area

This may seem like a simple step, but it's important to remember.

You'd be amazed how small imperfections in your car's paint can be obscured in the dim light of a panel beater's workshop.

Check your vehicle either:

  • Outside under direct sunlight
  • In your garage under quality lighting
  • Under fluorescent light globes

Inspecting your car's paint work in a well-lit area can mean the difference between noticing blemishes and missing them.

Step 2: Ensure that paints match

Less-reputable panel beaters can cut corners by using 'similar' paint or paint that isn't an exact match.

This leaves you with a car that essentially has two colours, which diminishes the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. And it can mean less money in your pocket should you attempt to sell.

Additionally, mismatched paints can be the most obvious sign of poor workmanship or low quality paints. If your paints don't match, then there may also be other problems with your car respraying.

Step 3: Check for imperfections in the paint

Your car paint job should have a consistent sheen. You should be unable to tell the difference between the freshly painted section and the original coat of paint.

Common blemishes to look for include:

  • Streaking or machine swirl marks
  • Bubbling or uneven textures
  • Places where paint is thicker/thinner

Run a hand over the paint. It should be smooth and clean. Rough patches can mean dirt or grit trapped underneath the paint.

paint wall

Ask: what paint do you use?

Not all paints are created equal. Quality and durability can differ significantly between brands.

At Sheen, we use and recommend Glasurit paints for a superior finish and long-lasting performance.

Step 4: Look for paint spatter inside and out

Your car's bumpers, glass, tyres and the like should be free of paint spatter and drips.

Paint where it shouldn't be is usually a sign of ineffective taping during a car paint job. It can leave you with unsightly marks and run-offs on your bumpers and other non-painted components.

Check your interiors for paint or paint residue too. Especially around openings such as windows and doors.

Paint leaking into the interior of your vehicle can damage your carpets, seats, and finish.

Step 5: Care and maintenance

After work on your car's paint is complete and you're satisfied with the workmanship, ask your panel beater or resprayer about care and maintenance.

You'll want to wax your paint as soon as it is safe to do so. This will help your paint to remain vibrant. It will also prevent some deterioration from the elements.

If in the weeks or months after your car respraying you start to notice peeling or flaking of paint, contact your panel beater immediately. This shouldn't occur and if it does it may require a warranty claim.

"Your car paint job should have a consistent sheen across its length."

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