VACC repairers — fixing your car to the highest standards

Sheen Panel Service on 31 January 2020

When you are injured or unwell, you want to receive the best care. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have years, sometimes decades, of training under their belt before they begin practising. Although the accreditations they earn are stringent, they are the reason you trust your doctor with your life.

Accreditations are signs of accomplishment. They hold professionals to a higher standard, and ensure that you — as a customer, patient, or client — are receiving the best possible service and care. Businesses and professionals with accreditations have a responsibility to uphold the highest industry-regulated guidelines.

When it comes to panel beating and automotive repairs, VACC accreditation is the most coveted credential in Victoria. VACC is the automotive industry's leading regulatory body, and a VACC-accredited repairer will guarantee that their work meets the highest standards.

What is the VACC?

For over 100 years, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has supported the local auto industry on behalf of all stakeholders — from drivers, to insurers, to mechanics and panel beaters. The organisation was founded to be an autonomous body to support and advance their members.

Basically, if it has wheels and a motor, you can be sure that the VACC looks after it. Their ongoing goals are to continually shape the future direction of the automotive industry by:

  • Developing partnerships with automotive bodies and businesses
  • Raising the public profile of automotive issues
  • Monitoring industry trends and offering supportive action

Today, the VACC incorporates all elements of the automotive industry. The organisation also provides key services to member businesses, including:

  • Navigating member, consumer, and industrial issues
  • Publishing self-produced automotive research, and other publications
  • Lobby for members to governments and other entities
  • Promoting skills, training, and careers in the automotive industry

As a proud accredited member of the VACC, Sheen Panel Service benefits from and supports this forward-thinking vision for the automotive industry. The VACC has developed high standards of panel beating, which we always uphold, no matter the job we undertake.

Who are key members of the VACC?

VACC partners

Members of the VACC come from a variety of backgrounds related to the automotive industry. These include:

  • Retails and vehicle sales, including commercial vehicles and industrial equipment
  • Vehicle servicing, mechanics, dismantling and recycling
  • Glass repair work, radiator servicing, and engine reconditioning
  • Truck and commercial vehicle body-making and modification

Crash repairs, accident towing, and panel beating businesses are also key members of the VACC. 

How does VACC-accredited repair work benefit you?

As a consumer, you have so much to gain from having your vehicle repaired by a member of Australia's leading automotive body. Below are just some of the reasons you should always trust a VACC-partnered panel beater for automotive work.

VACC standards for repair work

When it comes to fixing cars, the VACC believes that cutting corners is not an option. All VACC-partnered repairers must comply with the organisation's:

  • High repair standards
  • Quality equipment standards
  • Transparent disputation procedures

VACC puts little stock into the term of 'lifetime warranty'. Because manufacturers rarely guarantee their parts for a period longer than 12 months, lifetime warranty is largely seen as a marketing ploy.

Instead, VACC repairers must guarantee a minimum 3-year warranty on all works completed. This gives consumers greater peace of mind knowing that the repair work the receive will be of the highest standard.

Choice of repairer

how to choose a panel beater

VACC is a staunch supporter of consumer freedom, especially giving drivers the option to choose their own repairer following an accident on the road. Car insurance companies often have fineprint clauses that prevent this right from being exercised, leading to inferior and inconvenient repair work for drivers.

The VACC always recommends reading your insurance policy for a thorough understanding of what you can do following an incident. By selecting a policy that allows you to choose your own repairer, the onus of good, transparent repairer work falls back to your chosen repairer, not your insurer's network.

They also advise that consumers:

  • Contact their insurer for information about your policy:
    • If you feel that you are being coerced into choosing a particular repairer, don't be afraid to stand up for your rights.
    • Check the wording of your policy, and put your foot down to insist that you want to choose your own repairer.
  • Make local enquiries to find a good VACC-partnered repairer
  • Request a final, transparent quote for repair work

What's most important is that you are comfortable with the insurance claims process. If your insurance company offers sound advice, the freedom to choose, and an efficient and delay-free claims procedure, you should stick with them.

Why choose Sheen

As a member of the VACC, Sheen Panel Service is dedicated to upholding consumer rights while delivering superior repair work. We admire all of the support that the VACC offers consumers and members, and we strive to offer the same support to our valued customers.

If you need panel beating for your vehicle following an accident, we are here to help. We offer a streamlined and easy repairs process. As well as providing the highest quality repairs, we also work with insurance companies to take the pressure off our customers.

If you've been in an accident, contact Sheen Panel Service as your preferred VACC-partnered panel beater. We will fix your vehicle and work with your insurer, so you can get back on the road soon.