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The Sheen approach to Holden panel beating

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Holden cars, with their iconic Lion logo, have been a staple on Aussie roads for most of Australian automotive history and occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of owners and enthusiasts alike. The ubiquity of Holden in Australia means that Holden panel beating is a key service we perform at Sheen Panel Service.

So, what makes Holden smash repairs unique? And if you’re looking for a Holden panel beater, what should you look for? Read on to find out more, or call the Sheen team on 1300 REPAIR.

Holden Panel beaters: what to look for

If you’re looking for the best panel beaters for Holden, then be on the lookout for some signs of a quality smash repairer. Price is not the best indicator of value, and going with a “cheap” panel beater can be a risky move.

Instead, try to verify that your preferred panel beater follows Holden smash repairs best-practice, including:

  • The use of high-quality waterborne paints. Make sure that your panel beater uses quality automotive paints, such as an environmentally friendly paints from Glasurit.
  • Sourcing genuine Holden parts. You want your vehicle to meet the standards set by Holden, so ask if your preferred repair uses genuine Holden parts.
  • Knowledge and experience in Holden cars. Experience is essential in Holden Smash repairs. Check out how long your preferred repairer has been in business.
  • Smash repair training in the latest Holden models. If your car is relatively modern, you’ll want to make sure that a panel beater is highly-trained in the most recent panel beating techniques.

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Ideally, you’ll also want to find a panel beater that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. A accident replacement vehicle is also a big plus!

The ‘five step’ Sheen process

At Sheen, we approach our Holden smash repairs with a simple five-step process.

  1. Contact Sheen first. We’ll even help with the insurance claims process.
  2. Drop off your vehicle. Or we can organise a mobile inspection, or towing if required.
  3. We’ll repair your Holden. In the meantime, you’ll get a replacement courtesy car, at no cost to you.
  4. Collect your vehicle and free gift bag. Your Holden will be looking as good as the day you bought it.
  5. Enjoy post-service care. We guarantee the quality of workmanship, so you’ll always be satisfied.
Holden panel beater techniques here.

The most popular Holden models in Australia

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Holden Ute



Barina Spark




Upper Large


Source: Car Advice

The future of Holden smash repairs

Holden cars have been manufactured in Australia since 1914. In 2013, it was announced that Holden was to shut down its remaining manufacturing plants by the end of 2017, and iconic Australian cars such as the Holden Commodore will no longer be made in Australia.

As a result, much of Holden’s products will be sourced from other General Motoring product lines. For example, Opel, part of GM’s European division, is expected to source up to one-third of Holden product. It is also widely predicted that this closure will have knock-on effects for other manufacturing, including parts.

This significant change for Holden will require changes in the approach to smash repairs for Holden vehicles. Through constant, independent training, our smash repairs team will be on the forefront of these changes so that we can continue to provide the best smash repairs for Holden vehicles from a knowledge-based approach.

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Need Holden smash repairs? Call Sheen first.

For Holden panel beaters in Melbourne, you can’t go past the team at Sheen. Find your local Sheen store here, or call 1300 REPAIR and talk to an expert over the phone.