When Emergencies Happen, Sheen Has You Covered

Sheen Panel Service on 21 December 2014

sheen mobile app overview

In modern times, people are just as attached to their smart phones as they are to their cars. Which is exactly why we created the Sheen Group App, to be a first response in case of emergency on the road.

While we hope you never have reason to use our Accident Assistance, it is always best to have the appropriate knowledge and procedures in place in case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Contained within the Sheen Group app is everything you will need in case you find yourself in a car accident, including click-to-call communication, panel shop locations and even a space in which you can record photos and details of the accident.

Now, all you need to do is learn how to use it.

1. Make an Enquiry

When you have an accident, it is understandable that you will be shaken up and probably not thinking clearly. However, it is important in these situations to remember to take down as many details as you can.

The main function of the Sheen Group App is the ‘Make an Enquiry’ section, a place in which you can record all relevant information, with labelled text boxes prompting you to remember such details as:

sheen mobile app enquiry

  • Your own details
  • Possible third party details
  • An accident description
  • Photos

You are then able to send this information to a Sheen Group staff member, who will make contact with you as soon as possible to commence the process to repair your vehicle.

2. Sheen Group Locations

When you use Sheen Group in the case of a road accident, you can choose either to drive your car to one of our various locations throughout Melbourne or we can come to you via one of our 24/7 mobile towing services – at the accident site, at home, your work, wherever.

Whether you come to us or us to you, our app’s ‘Locations’ function will help you to determine which Sheen Shop is closest to you. The useful app functionality allows you to either filter locations according to postcode, or to scroll through to see a full list of Sheen locations and view relevant shop details, such as:

sheen mobile app call

  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours

3. Call Sheen First

This function allows you to be connected to your nearest Sheen Group location at the click of a button. No matter what time and no matter where you are in Melbourne, our 24-hour Accident Assist service is always nearby.

4. Communication is Key

With our Sheen Group App, you can elect to opt in for push notifications, allowing us to communicate with you any potentially hazardous situations on Melbourne roads in real time. For instance, if there are road blocks or expected wet weather, we will send the information straight to your phone, hopefully helping you to avoid risk to your vehicle and to your person.

5. Excess Reduction for Users

As a customer-first business, we like to reward you whenever you choose to use our services. To show our appreciation for using the Sheen Group App, when you make an Enquiry through the ‘Make an Enquiry’ function, you will receive a voucher for $150 Excess Reduction.

In addition, if you share your Sheen experience on Facebook after redeeming your initial $150 Excess Reduction voucher, you will receive another voucher for use in the future.

mobile app smashed car


Accidents happen, and it pays to be prepared. The easy-to-use Sheen Group App – free through iTunes AppStore and GooglePlay – contains everything you need in case of emergency: a place to record details of the crash, help finding assistance nearby and an option to receive informative push notifications. With a $150 Excess Reduction voucher for enquiring through the App, there’s never been a better way to get assistance.

When accidents happen, call Sheen first on 1300 REPAIR.