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Sheen Panel Service on 1 June 2016

From the outside, limousines look simple. They're just a normal car that's been stretched a bit right? You could make one yourself! Just take your daily drive, add in some extra panels and a champagne chiller, and that's it right? You'll be chauffeuring your family first class, in no time!

Of course, in reality, limousines aren't nearly that simple. Limousines feature a number of unique and often custom-made components. They require reinforced brakes, suspension and steering. In fact, when converting a regular car into a limo, adjustments have to be made to nearly every aspect of the vehicle.

Limousine Panel Beaters in Melbourne

Therefore, repairing these vehicles requires specialised tools and know-how.

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The importance of proper alignment

Proper alignment is vital for any vehicle. However, alignment is especially important when it comes to limousines.

Because these vehicles are much longer, the capacity for twisting or warping is much greater. And if warping occurs, the vehicle can become unsafe, or even undrivable.

When converting a regular car into a limousine, the vehicle is set on a special set of rails to ensure rigidity. Before adding components, temporary braces may also be welded in place. Some mechanics even go so far as to use laser-guided machinery to make sure cuts are as precise as possible.

Should the vehicle be involved in a collision, this alignment can be affected. So, limousine panel beaters may be required to repair or replace warped parts. Great care needs to be taken here, as panel beaters must make sure alignment is restored or in other cases perserved.

  • Hummer Stretch
  • Chrysler 300C Stretch
  • Holden Statesmen
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine
  • Ford LTD Limousine

Limousine parts, body panels and wiring

There's no such thing as an average limousine or an average limousine smash repair. Depending on its type, a limousine could feature anything from a fully integrated sound system to a backseat spa bath.

Because of this, components are regularly custom, or tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the vehicle.

Often, electrical wiring is extended to allow power to reach the length of the vehicle. Things such as HD televisions, refrigerators, and lighting may also require extensive wiring.

Specialised knowledge is required to ensure that work involving this extra electrical wiring is undertaken properly and safety.

Limousine panel beaters may have to create panels from scratch to suit the exact requirements of limousines. Repairs may also need to be carried out in a selected work environment. The size of the workspace will need to match or exceed the length of the limo.

"There's no such thing as an average limousine or an average limousine smash repair."

Pink Hummer Stretch Limousine

Custom paintwork

Limousines are luxurious by nature. Whether it's a hot pink Hummer stretch or a sleek black and converted Chrysler 300C, limousines are often made to be eye-catching. And this is reflected in their manufacturer's choice of paint.

The paint used is regularly custom and top shelf. This can make touching up the paintwork and painting new panels difficult for limousine panel beaters.

In many instances, this custom paint will need to be mixed to match the existing colour, as more popular off-the-shelf varieties may not be suitable. In scenarios where the limousine features extensive signage or intricate detailing, a vehicle signage specialist may be required.

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