Car Accidents are Rough, but the Sheen Process is Smooth

Sheen Panel Service on 28 October 2014

Cars aren’t the only things that come out damaged from accidents. The paperwork, the costs, the waiting, the searching for a good smash repairer – the stress of the whole ordeal – can leave people feeling pretty damaged, too.

If you’ve never been in an accident before, the stress of not knowing what is involved in getting your car repaired can drive you over the edge. With over 45 years in the smash repairs business, the professional team at Sheen Panel Service know what they’re doing when it comes to fixing cars – and fixing people. We understand just how stressful it can be not knowing what the immediate future holds, so we’ve put together this handy list to take you through the Sheen process. It’s only one of the many ways you can experience the Sheen difference.

1. The First Contact

sheen first contactYou let us know that you've been in an accident and your car needs fixing. This can be via phone call, our Sheen app, or by driving directly into one of our panel shops. We take the wheel immediately, and arrange a time to see your car. You can either come to us in one of our convenient locations, or we can come to you – home, work, wherever.

Upon seeing the car, we’ll offer advice on the best way to repair the damage. This could be either privately or through insurance, depending on the severity. If an insurance claim hasn’t already been lodged, we’d be more than happy to lend you our office space to make one.

2. The New Wheels

Once you’ve dropped your car off at one of our workshops, we’ll give you a accident replacement vehicle – less than three years old and in immaculate condition – so you won’t miss a beat while your car is being repaired. We can even come to pick up your vehicle – once again, home, work, wherever – and bring the courtesy car to you. A new ride, delivered straight to your door.

3. The Finance

sheen finance help Our manager will take care of everything that is involved with the insurance claim. This includes producing a quote, booking an assessment and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. Once we have gotten the quote approved and authorised, we will commence repairs on the vehicle.

4. The Repair

When you drive away in your temporary new ride, you can leave your stress in the dust. The Sheen shop where you left your vehicle is equipped with the very best panel beating equipment – with our staff included in that equation. So, you can rest assured that your car is in some of the most experienced hands in the business.

When we get to work on your car, the first thing we’ll do is dismantle the appropriate parts of your car for repair or replacement. Headlights and radiators will be sent off to a specialised company, who will test the integrity of the parts and determine whether or not it needs replacement.

If the crash has resulted in mechanical damage (i.e. suspension or engine damage), we will have your vehicle transported to a trusted specialised mechanic. The vehicle will then be transported back to us, and we will repair the relevant panels on the car.

5. The Spruce

sheen the spruce After we’re finished re-painting the parts of your vehicle that require painting, you'll struggle to remember it was even in an accident. Our meticulous and professional process not only ensures that your car will look as good as new, but also ensures that no peeling or bubbling will occur over the years.

Old paint is ground off, and new parts are washed down to remove dust and dirt. The vehicle’s panels are primed with a liquid spray filler, which is rubbed down with sandpaper to seal the panel and protect it from rust.

Colour is now able to be applied, followed by a clear coat. The clear coat acts as a UV protectant, also sealing the colour coat and giving it a new factory shine. Your vehicle is then ‘baked’ in the ‘oven’ at between 25-50 degrees C for around 15-20min (depending on the weather and the temperature of the day). The car is then left to sit and settle, and if re-painting is needed, it occurs at this point.

6. The Final Checks

 sheen final checkThe final stage is assembly. Our expert team will fit all of the new, repaired and painted parts back onto the vehicle, and ensure everything is in working order. This includes parking sensors, lights, door handles, electric windows – everything. In all stages of the process, Sheen is meticulous in ensuring that your car is suitable to be returned to the road, with you back behind the wheel. Our staff will take your vehicle for a short test drive to make sure there aren’t any residual issues.

7. The Updates

Throughout the entire process, the team at Sheen will have been keeping you up-to-date on our progress. This is done in whatever form best suits you, such as phone calls, text messages or emails.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our services.

8. The Post Repair Customer Service

It’s been quite a ride, but now your car is ready to go back home. You can either pick it up, or we can deliver it to you (home, work – you get the gist). Either way, your car will be accompanied by a little present from us – a Sheen Gift bag, with some chocolate and other treats to make sure you’ve come out of the ordeal undamaged.

Your car has been fixed, but our customer service doesn’t end when you drive away. We’ll call back the vast majority of our customers to ask for some feedback regarding their experience, and also to take note of whether there have been any issues since the pick-up. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our services, so if this is the case, you won’t be left out of pocket.

sheen post customer service

If you find yourself in an accident, now you know the appropriate steps. Hopefully this knowledge will make the next step a bit less stressful for you.

If you’re in need of the Sheen difference, call 1300 REPAIR.