Special Vehicles Need Specialist Panel Beaters

Sheen Panel Service on 12 June 2015

We know Audi inside and out

It takes some special skill to repair an Audi. As an Audi owner, you know that a German luxury vehicle needs special care and attention to perform its best. Smash repairs and panel beating are no exception.

Audi’s are complicated vehicles which require specialist diagnostic equipment, strong dealer relationships and special tooling. Without a specialist panel beater, your Audi risks long term problems with non-genuine parts, poorly repaired panels and poor quality paint.

Sheen has been working with prestige vehicles, including Audi, for over 45 years. We have learnt a thing or two in that time, and our technicians have access to this specialist knowledge. In fact, dealers including Penfold Audi and Doncaster Audi recommend Sheen for repairs.

Cars are also evolving, and each year new improvements in designs, sensors and electronics make luxury vehicles repairs even more difficult. That’s why we make sure the team at Sheen are trained in the most up-to-date procedures and standards in prestige smash repairs and panel beating: the I-CAR Platinum certification.

Call Sheen, the specialist Audi panel beaters, on 1300 REPAIR today.

Don’t risk your Audi with a cheap panel beater

German cars are not like other vehicles. The servicing and repair of cars like Audi requires specialist knowledge on the ins and outs of German engineering. Audi can be particularly complicated, with newer models full of the latest technology and widely constructed using hard-to-repair aluminium parts.

If you take your Audi to a panel beater who is not expertly familiar with Audi parts and engineering, you are exposing your cars’ performance, appearance and long-term health. Common ways cheap panel beaters cut corners include:

  • Using non-genuine aftermarket parts
  • Poor quality training
  • Band-Aid repairs on parts and panels when replacement is required
  • Use of cheap paint

Not only will these bad practices endanger the performance and overall safety of your Audi, it may also void the warranty of the vehicle and make further repairs more expensive later down the track. If your Audi gets damaged it’s important to look for prestige smash repairs.

Audi repairs done right

At Sheen we love cars, and we are more than happy to spend the extra time and attention that German luxury vehicles need (and deserve). After all, what is the point of owning a luxurious Audi when if it’s not looking sleek and stylish, but rather dented and scratched?

We will bring your Audi back to pre-accident condition. How?

  • We conduct a comprehensive scan to directly target damaged areas
  • Our specialist team will track down genuine Audi parts. We won’t settle for anything less.
  • We give the car a final inspection to ensure damage is 100% repaired
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship

To see examples of our craftsmanship visit the before and after showroom.

prestige audi smashed car repaired

When your Audi gets damaged, only the best will do. Going with non-specialised smash repairs will risk costs later down the road as undetected problems emerge.

Sheen will get you and your Audi back on the road. Call 1300 REPAIR or find your closest Sheen store.