Old fashioned service with a modern touch

Sheen Panel Service on 19 May 2015

Every Sheen panel beater store combines the quality assurance of Sheen Panel Service with the knowledge, dedication and expertise of local people.

Sheen Malvern is no exception. The smash repair workshop has been a small business staple in the community for four decades, and has been under Sheen management for just 12 of those years.

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength. In addition to providing an excellent panel beating service, Sheen Malvern contributes to the local community by sponsoring local sports teams.

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“The work was impeccable and the service was outstanding. I would definitely recommend them.”

You’ll recommend Sheen, too.

Many of the Malvern store’s customers have found Sheen through recommendations made by previous customers.

Shop manager, Scott Purdey, recalls one instance when he received a phone call in the middle of a Sunday lunch.

“I had a customer call me who had been recommended Sheen by a friend. It was a Sunday and they had just been in an accident.”

Scott knew that being stranded on a Sunday was a stressful situation, so cut his lunch short and made a few calls. Even on a Sunday he managed to get a tow truck out to collect the damaged car and then began sorting out the insurance details.

It’s this dedication to service which is appreciated by customers.

“The service was amazing from the first enquiry call to the pickup” says another customer.

“The work was impeccable and the service was outstanding. I would definitely recommend them.”

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Meet the team

So why are the smash repairs at Malvern so good?

In addition to outstanding customer service, each staff member at Malvern Sheen are true professionals. From the office staff, to panel beating technicians and shop management, every employee has been trained to the highest standards.

Each of the office staff have been trained in office administration, to ensure that they provide a high level of customer service and communication. From the first phone call to the last pick up, they will be happy to help.

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When your car is on the shop floor, you can rest assured that it is in safe hands. Panel beaters have all been accredited with I-CAR platinum individual recognition. This means that they can repair everything, from the latest hybrid and high-tech vehicles, to classic and vintage vehicles, and anything else in between.

Premium vehicle manufacturers such as Audi and Lexus are convinced – they recommend Sheen Malvern for both fleet and vehicle panel beating and repairs.

Members of the community

cricket footy club logos

Scott and the team at Malvern understand the important role that small businesses play in the community. They show their appreciation to the community which supports them by sponsoring local sports teams.

Sheen Malvern is a major sponsor of the Murrumbeena Cricket Club, and both junior and senior teams at the Murrumbeena Football Club.

This is in addition to Sheen Panel Service's overall effort to support the national children’s charity Variety.

Accident replacement vehicles

Of course, part of Sheen’s legendary service are the accident replacement vehicles available to customers.

The Malvern Sheen smash repairs have a fleet of modern Nissan Pulsars on offer. Once they have made your own car brand new again, you may be reluctant to give up such a comfortable ride!

And if you rely on a hardy vehicle for work, then they can loan you a Toyota HiLux ute or a HiAce van.

No matter your situation, Scott and his team at Sheen will be happy to help.

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