Our charity work with Variety is just one way we're giving back to the community

Sheen Panel Service on 23 May 2018

Sheen Panel Service has always dedicated itself to sharing its success by giving back to the community. We're always proud to support local community and charity groups that are dedicated to making a difference.

Variety is one group we've been proud to support for the last 20 years. By encouraging staff and members of the local community to get involved, we continue to meet fundraising goals every year and make a positive difference to families across Australia.

Variety - The Children's Charity

Variety is a charity dedicated to supporting thousands of children in Australia who are sick, disadvantaged, or have special needs. Variety believes that every child deserves to get the most out of life, regardless of their upbringing.

Caring for a child with special needs can be a life-long challenge for families. The Variety foundation recognises this challenge and aims to provide support to these families when they need it the most.

Throughout the year, Variety hosts dozens of events, including the Variety Bash, to raise funds. Thanks to their fundraising efforts, Variety is able to provide financial support to many children and their families. This support allows special needs kids to gain mobility and freedom.

Continuous support sees to it that children gain independence and have the opportunity to integrate into mainstream schools and activities wherever possible. With Variety's ongoing commitment to improving the lives of children with special needs, families across Australia are receiving the support they need to lead better lives.

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Sheen's personal involvement

Our support of Variety is just one great example of our ongoing commitment to looking out for those in need. Sheen's founder, Martin Stone, first came across Variety in 1996. Martin was inspired to support the charity after listening to a young girl's story of how Variety had provided support to her family.

''Variety has been a huge part of my life and their tireless work to assist families in need doesn't go unnoticed. Every month they deliver over $1 million to those in need. Their program is amazing as it's designed to be flexible and allows those in need to apply for items they actually need."

– Martin Stone, owner of Sheen Panel Service

Sheen Panel Service encourages shop staff, suppliers, and customers to donate time and money towards various charities that are dedicated to some great causes. Each year Sheen participates in the Variety Bash i.e. Australia's largest charity motoring event which encourages organisations to race around the country in their own custom-built vehicles.

Sheen Panel Service's Car 55

Car 55 is Sheen's faithful entrant in the Variety Bash. Every year it completes the Bash and hands out gifts along the way while raising money for Variety. Headed by Martin Stone, it continues to break fundraising records every year.

In 2017, Car 55 travelled 3,200 kilometres from Melbourne to Fraser Island. The team managed to raise $527,000 which added to Sheen's total fundraising efforts of three million dollars.

In August, Sheen will once again enter Car 55 into Variety's Victorian Bash. This year's Bash will see entrants from multiple organisations drive from Geelong all the way to Townsville.

The team from Sheen Panel Service will make stops in remote and regional parts of Victoria, including Swan Hill, Tibooburra, and Emerald. All participants in the Bash will be stopping by local schools and organisations to visit some of the kids who directly benefit from the charities fundraising efforts.

the variety bash car 55

Support Variety; get involved today!

The Variety Bash is all about having fun and supporting Aussie kids in need. Along the way, there are always plenty of theme nights, awards, and activities that participants can get involved in.

For those interested in taking part in the event, Variety only asks that participants have a spirit of adventure and a good sense of fun! All vehicles taking part in the event must be at least 30 years old.

Variety can advise you on how to sort out your own vehicle entry, or you can get yourself a pre-loved car from a previous Variety Bash race.

If you're interested in getting involved in the Bash, head on over to Variety's website, or get in touch with Sheen for more information.