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Sheen Towing Morwell: What happens next?

Need towing? Need it fast? We're here, when and where you need us, 24 hours a day, throughout Gippsland and beyond. Simply call and tell us:

  1. The vehicle – the car to be towed, its make, model and registration.
  2. The place – can be an exact address or detailed description of the area.
  3. The contact – your name and contact details

We can send one of the Sheen Towing Morwell team out fast for emergency pick up, or we can arrange a time (that suits you) for a scheduled delivery.

We'll take your vehicle where it needs to go, whether that's to your local mechanic or smash repair shop, home or work, we'll get your vehicle there promptly and safely.

Country people towing country cars

Towing in Gippsland is a bit different to towing in the big smoke.

Working here means working on country roads. And while we respond to many calls from the Prince's Highway, we also get call-outs from dirt roads, the bush and farmland.

Whereas in the city you might be towing the famous 'Toorak Tractors', here we tow real tractors. We respond to call-outs involving wildlife, bush-bashing 4WDs and industry equipment.

At Sheen Towing Morwell we are country people. We know the local area. And we know what it takes to get the job done properly, every time.

Need towing? Call (03) 5134 2222 today.