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Sheen Panel Beaters Near Hadfield

Your closest Sheen is only 8 minutes drive away

Sheen Group Hadfield
Sheen Panel Service is rated 4.7 from 2,652 customers

There's a Sheen Panel Beaters near Hadfield

Hadfield, your nearest Sheen is only 8 minutes drive away. Come in today for specialist repairs, a choice in accident replacement vehicle, and a lifetime guarantee on all work. Can other panel beaters in Hadfield match that?

Can't make the short trip? Take advantage of our complimentary pick up and delivery service. We'll come to you at your home or office. Pick up your vehicle for repairs. Drop off your courtesy car. And then return your vehicle once the repairs are complete. It's a free service for Sheen customers.

How can we make your smash repairs even easier? Simple! Ask us to assist with your insurance claim. Our experienced specialists can help to take the hassle out of dealing with your insurer.

Your nearest Sheen is only 8 minutes drive away

Choose Sheen for service

At Sheen Panel Service, we've been getting Victorians back on the road since 1969. Over which time we've built our reputation on specialist smash repairs and the highest quality service.

Whereas some other panel beaters in Hadfield deliver adequate service, at Sheen we believe in going the extra distance. We want every Sheen customer's experience to be exceptional.

That's why we offer a choice in accident replacement vehicle, free vehicle pick up and delivery, a gift-bag when you collect your car, as well as assistance with your insurance provider. Service. It's what we're all about.

24/7 Emergency Towing

Need a tow? We've got you covered. At Sheen Panel Service we offer a full 24/7 emergency towing service. So wherever and whenever you need towing, we're there to help.

We can tow just about anything. Including vans, trucks, campervans, heavy machinery and more. Think your vehicle is too big or unique to be towed? Call us. We may surprise you.

Our experienced towing team will get your vehicle where it needs to go promptly and with the utmost care. For full details regarding our towing service, see our towing page.

Free assistance with insurers

Arranging your insurance claim can be a hassle. Waiting on hold with your insurer. Filling in form after form. Getting passed from one department to another. It's often a real pain.

That's why as part of our service, we offer our customers assistance with their insurance claim.

Our repairers know the in's and out's of the claim process and can help you to minimise the stress and difficulty of working with your insurance provider. It's all part of our service. Simply ask your repairer.

Choice in accident replacement vehicle

Some panel beaters in Hadfield offer you a accident replacement vehicle. We go one better. We offer you a choice in accident replacement vehicle. So you get a car that's right for you, not someone else.

Choose from small and medium sized cars. Vans. Workhorses and utes. Our range has vehicles to suit just about every need and driving requirement.

Can't pick up your accident replacement vehicle? We can deliver your vehicle to your chosen location. For example, to your home or office. Some conditions do apply. For full details see our replacement vehicles page.

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