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Panel beaters near Mount Evelyn

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Sheen Group Mount Evelyn
Sheen Panel Service is rated 4.7 from 2,652 customers

You won't find anything better than Sheen Panel Service

If you're looking for panel beaters in Mount Evelyn, call Sheen first. Our panel beaters will make the process easy. 

At Sheen Panel Service, we give our customers their choice of an accident replacement vehicle—because we know that a city car won't fit all your power tools; and a ute won't squeeze down your inner suburb alleyway. Our clients can select from small cars, family cars, utes and vans, so you can rest assured that you'll have the right vehicle to keep your life going.

We only use genuine manufacturer parts when we fix your car. That's why we give you a lifetime warranty on any repairs done in our workshops.

Sheen Panel Service near Mount Evelyn

We're the real deal

We're proud of the comprehensive service of smash repairs we offer near Mount Evelyn. It includes towing, panel beating and car restoration, and with experience since 1969, you know your car will be receiving five star treatment.

  • We put a lifetime guarantee on the work we do
  • We handle the ins and outs of insurance for you
  • We give you free choice of the accident replacement vehicle you would prefer
  • We were established in 1969 – so we've got a lot of experience

Getting around without your usual car can be a real pain, which is why it's so important to us that we offer your choice of a free a courtesy vehicle, so life doesn't have to stop while we repair the damage.

We'll get you moving 24/7

No one wants to be stuck without a way to get moving. But at Sheen, we've got all the resources to get to you your vehicle when you need it, day or night.

Just give us a quick call, and we'll be on the scene around Mount Evelyn. We will tow your 4WD, truck, hatchback, or other vehicles to our nearest panel beaters in Mount Evelyn.

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Make dealing with your insurance company a breeze

Having your car out of action is definitely stressful enough, without having to deal with confusing insurance papers. We know it's not an easy process, so at Sheen Panel Service, we offer to organise it for you.

Here is why our customers love this about us:

  • Our years of experience in this industry means we can offer great advice
  • We'll deal with the ins and outs of your claim
  • All we need is some basic information about your vehicle and your insurer

Find out more on our insurance claims page.

Accident replacement vehicle

Most places that offer smash repairs in Mount Evelyn won't offer you your choice of replacement vehicle. For us, it's just part of the service we consider non-negotiable. If you're already inconvenienced by your car being out of action, the least we can do is give you a different car to try.

Here's what we offer to our customers in accident replacement vehicles:

  • Vehicles with a 4-star ANCAP rating, minimum
  • A choice from a large range of car models
  • Cars with automatic transmissions
  • Vehicles in pristine condition
  • Free car pickup and drop off

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