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Why the right to choose your panel beater is so important

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What choice of repairer means for you and your vehicle

If you have purchased a comprehensive car insurance policy, you probably bought it for a reason. You want peace of mind that when you get behind the wheel, you are protected in the event of an accident. If your car is damaged, this protection extends beyond lessening the financial fallout — it also ensures that you are getting the best in repair services.

When it comes to getting your vehicle repaired, your car insurance policy will contain a clause that outlines one of the following:

  • Preferred repairer. Your insurance company is allied with panel beaters that repair a high volume of vehicles, keeping costs down for all parties.
  • Choice of repairer. Your insurance company allows you to choose who repairs your vehicle in the event of the accident, allowing you to find the best possible service.

Insurance companies want to reduce their overheads by pushing through repairs quickly. They remove the freedom to choose by making 'preferred repairer' the default option. Another sneaky tactic is to word the policy as having 'choice of preferred repairer', giving you the illusion of choice. In the end, it's your choice. You can choose a repairer that will work for you, not your insurer.

If your car insurance provider allows you to choose your own repairer, then you are in luck. You can have your vehicle repaired at one of Sheen's 26 handy locations. Our expert panel beaters use only OEM parts, employing cutting edge technology to repair to the highest standards.

If you are unsure whether you are a 'preferred repairer' or 'choice of repairer' customer, read the Product Disclosure Statement for your policy, or call your insurer.

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Finding your closest store

We work with your insurance provider as your choice of repairer

The Sheen difference

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    When you are a Sheen customer, we have your back. We don't work for the insurance agencies, like preferred repairers do. We will always give you honest and transparent information, allowing you to make informed decisions about your vehicle. We will look after your interests, first and foremost — not your insurer's.

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    Many preferred repairers have financial incentives to repair as many vehicles as quickly as possible. That's usually the nature of their agreement with insurance agencies. This can lead to shoddy repairs, and the use of non-original parts to meet quotas. At Sheen, we repair your vehicle to the highest standards, using industry-leading technology and original manufacturer parts. It takes longer and costs a little more, but the results speak for themselves..

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    Unlike preferred repairers, which may only have one or two locations, Sheen has 26 individual shops around Melbourne. No matter where you are around the city, there's likely to be a Sheen workshop within a few kilometres. Save yourself a long drive in traffic, and have your vehicle repaired conveniently close to home.

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    At preferred repairers, the service stops when the vehicle is fixed. At Sheen, we go above and beyond. We offer accident replacement vehicles to keep you on the road while we fix your car. We can also tow your vehicle from accident sites, and back to you when you need it. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. That's why we follow up with courtesy calls, and back our work with lifetime guarantees.

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