Don't panic. Just follow this simple process.

Sheen Panel Service on 20 February 2018

If you've crashed your car, chances are it's pretty difficult to remain levelheaded. In fact, it's pretty hard to avoid swearing your head off or jumping out of your car to swear at the other person involved! You probably already know that neither of these things is going to be particularly helpful.

Should the unexpected occur and you’re involved in a crash, having a three-step action plan in place can help. The good news is, as long as no one is seriously injured, the situation can be resolved surprisingly quickly if you keep a cool head, and get the right advice. Here's what to do after a car crash—we recommend you save these simple steps to your phone to preserve your future sanity.

  1. Check to see if anyone is injured, and call 000 if help is needed.
  2. Stay cool, calm, and collected, and gather evidence from the scene.
  3. Call Sheen first to discuss insurance smash repairs and organise an accident replacement vehicle.

Why has this happened to me?

car crash three step action plan aux1 imageCar crashes are a fact of life. It's a cliche, but accidents happen. In fact, the data we collated on the top causes of traffic collisions in Australia shows that accidents usually occur due to reasons beyond one's own control, such as another driver.

Plus, some areas of Melbourne are hot spots for car crashes. The number one area known as a high-risk car smash zone is Springvale Road in Glen Waverley. Other locations awarded this dubious honour include Plenty Road in Bundoora, Bell Street in Preston, and the Princess Highway in Dandenong. Having a car crash on a city road is not necessarily a reflection of your skills as a driver or your degree of bad luck.

At Sheen Panel Service, we understand that there are many similarities between car crashes, and we don't judge. That's why you should always call us first when you need a prompt, professional, and competitively-priced response.

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Your three-step action plan.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of what to do after a car crash. You've just had an accident, your adrenaline's racing, and you're trying not to start weeping, wailing, or ranting. Follow these simple steps to report the incident accurately, and be prepared for your insurance claim. Freaking out isn't going to fix anything.

1. Check to see if anyone is injured, and call 000 if help is needed.

Switch on your hazard lights. Call the police or an ambulance if someone is injured or if there is property damage—this includes damage to street signs, garden beds, etc. If the accident is minor and injury-free, the authorities don't need to be called.

However, if there are injuries or damages involved, you need to contact the police, so they can assign the incident an 'event number'. This little number is important when it comes to insurance and when it comes time to claim compensation, so make sure you ask for it, and write it down.

2. Stay cool, calm, and collected, and gather evidence from the scene.

It's easier said than done, right? Well, yes, but while you're waiting for the police or ambulance to arrive, there are some practical things you can do that will really help later on, such as taking photos of the damages; getting the name, address, and registration details of the other driver/s involved; and making a note of the exact time and weather conditions when the accident occured.

Treat the situation like you're a cop objectively assessing it. Since car crashes are emotionally traumatic no matter how serious they are, you may not remember certain details that you assume you will later on. The methodical nature of taking notes will also help to calm you down and make you feel in control. If you're interacting with other drivers, remember to avoid getting angry or aggressive. Even if it looks like the crash was your fault, don't admit responsibility until the incident can be assessed.

3. Call Sheen first to discuss insurance smash repairs and an accident replacement vehicle.

The reality is the accident has already happened, and the most important thing to do is think forwards not backwards. Our Upload Your Smash page enables you to upload the information for your insurer from the site of the crash itself to receive a free panel beating quote within the hour.

That means no waiting as well as less stress and less uncertainty. We can also advise you on whether your car is drivable or not, discuss your options for a replacement vehicle, and offer a 24-hour towing service. You can even get your car towed to a repairer, and get a replacement vehicle dropped off at your exact location.

Don't beat yourself up; get expert advice.

car crash three step action plan aux2 imageThere are many advantages to choosing Sheen as your preferred smash repairer. With locations across Victoria, there's bound to be a convenient Sheen Panel Service near you—meaning help will never be too far away. Upon handing your car in, our team will discuss your accident replacement vehicle options, which allows you to get on with your life with minimal interruption. We only use genuine parts and paints, so your car will be repaired back to top-notch pre-crash condition.

It may seem like tempting fate but when choosing a car insurance policy, ensure that you have the option to choose your smash repairer. That way you'll maintain flexibility if you do have an accident—rather than being locked into a repairer that's chosen by the insurer, you can opt for a repairer like Sheen where the level of service and customer care is second to none.

Remember, we're here to help you when you find yourself in hot water—or when you find yourself standing on the side of the road looking at the dented carriage of what used to be your beautiful car! Dealing with a car crash efficiently is not the type of thing everyone has practice in but whatever has happened, we can help you put a 'Sheen' on a bad situation.

For more questions about smash repairs and insurance, call us today on 1300 REPAIR, or find your closest store for more information.