Sheen's tips for how to prove a car accident was not your fault

Sheen Panel Service on 17 January 2020

When car accidents happen the fault either falls upon one of the drivers in entirety, or both of the drivers in some part for joint negligent driving. The usual outcome is that the at-fault driver is liable to pay for any repairs to the not-at-fault driver's vehicle. 

Deciding who is at fault is usually a straightforward case of the at-fault driver taking responsibility, but sometimes the at-fault driver will attempt to dispute who is to blame for the accident. To ensure that your rights are protected after an accident, we have compiled a short guide to how to help prove you are not at fault.

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How to prove a car accident was not your fault

If you are looking to prove you are not at fault after a car accident, or if the other driver is disputing who is to blame, you will need to provide as much evidence as you can to support your position. If there is a dispute about a car accident, you will need to provide your insurer with sufficient information to prove your version of events. 

1. Immediately after the accident

As soon as you have been in an accident, after you are safe, you will need to swap details with the other driver and get some information.

  • While you may be shaken by the accident, you need to remember to take pictures of the damage, pictures of the other party's vehicle, and any pictures of where and how the accident took place. 
  • Make a note in your phone at the time of the accident observing any conditions or details that may help with your version of events — things like weather, blind corners, traffic, or speeding that you noted. 
  • Take photos of the other driver's licence if possible so that you have this information on hand if needed.
  • Get in touch with Sheen. We can guide you through lodging a claim, and begin repairs.
  • You should also call your insurance provider to inform them of the accident.

If there are any witnesses to the accident you should get their names and phone numbers if possible, just in case you do need them to provide an account of what happened. Witnesses can provide different view points to an accident and can be a vital part of supporting your version of events. 

2. Next steps

It is worth letting police know that you have been in an accident and filing a police report if necessary. That way you have a concrete piece of evidence which outlines what happened, and which can be called upon if needed to support your position. 

You will also need to start looking for a panel beater to fix your vehicle and get any dings, smashed sections, or dented panels back to pre-accident condition. 

3. Proving you were not at fault

If the other party is attempting to blame you for the accident, you may need to prove your version of events to their insurance provider. It can be helpful to correspond via email as this acts as a paper trail of all conversations.

  • Explain your version of events of the accident, including any witness details and photographic proof of the accident.
  • Provide any witness details and information to support your statements.

If the other party is attempting to contend who was at fault it is helpful to provide as much detail as possible about the way the accident happened.

If you are not insured or are going through the repairs process without your insurer, Sheen can also assist you in liaising with the other party's insurer. 

Getting your vehicle back on the road after an accident

get your vehicle back on the road

When you have been in an accident which was not your fault, the other driver is responsible for the cost of repairs to your vehicle. This will either be via a direct payment from the at-fault driver, or through their insurance provider. 

  • Even if you are insured, choose your nearest Sheen location. We can guide you to ensuring that the at fault party's insurance company pays for your repairs.
  • You can choose who you would like to repair your vehicle, and can pick a repairer with a store that is close to your home or work for convenience. 

Sheen not only offers a full service of panel beating and vehicle repair; we can even manage the entire repairs process on your behalf. After you have been in an accident, you can call Sheen and we will arrange it all. We'll also fix your vehicle to pre-accident condition and have it back to you detailed and ready to drive away as soon as possible.  

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After an accident that was not your fault, you just want you car back to normal as quickly as possible. That's where we come in. We repair your vehicle and get it back to its pre accident condition quickly, and with minimum hassle.

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