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Sheen Panel Service on 19 February 2018

How much does panel beating cost?

Panel beating is a necessary process to get your car looking like new following an accident. Scratch and dent repairs cost around $1000, while major works can cost many thousands more. The average cost of panel beating is between $2000 and $3000.

  • Always request genuine parts
  • Get a tailored quote for panel beater services
  • Ask about an accident replacement vehicle.

If you're shopping around for the best deal on panel repair services, you might find yourself overwhelmed. There are a lot of panel beaters out there, and many of them aren't very transparent about how much they charge, and why. As the customer, you obviously want to get the best possible repair job done on your car without it costing you an arm and a leg.

This is where shopping around for panel beater quotes can get tricky. Take it from us; cheap panel beaters don't wind up being cheap in the long run. Non-genuine parts, shoddy workmanship, and inferior paints mean you'll pay more as time goes on.

At Sheen Panel Service, when we put together panel beater quotes for our customers, there are several factors we take into account. In the interest of transparency, we thought we'd share them with you in this post. Knowledge is power, and if you know what elements go into creating an accurate repair estimate, you'll be better equipped to choose a reliable panel beater.

Here's how your local panel beater comes up with their quote.

1. We work out the parts required.

One way 'cheap' panel beaters cut corners is by using non-genuine parts. Look for panel beaters who offer smash repairs for all makes and models using only genuine parts and cutting-edge panel beating technology.

Occasionally, this may bump up the cost. For example, BMW parts are on the expensive side but repairing a BMW vehicle with non-genuine parts will cost you more over time. This is because genuine parts are made by the original manufacturer to precise fit and finish specifications. Plus, only genuine parts will comply with the manufacturer's exact standards regarding quality, safety, and performance.

2. We consider the extent of the damage.

This is a key step in a principled panel beater's costing process, as there may very well be structural damage hidden behind the cosmetic detrition to your car. A good panel beating quote will factor in everything about your vehicle that needs to be repaired from top to tail, including how much of your vehicle needs to be painted or 'blended', whether there's any mechanical or suspension damage, and whether it's more cost-effective—overall—to repair or replace certain parts.

The extent of the damage isn't something that is easy to assess at a glance. This is why at Sheen, we ask you to Upload Your Smash, but also examine your car in our panel shop, as the many factors that determine how a repair is undertaken cannot always be depicted in photographs.

3. We look at the make, model, and age of your vehicle.

The make, model, and age of your vehicle heavily influences the amount you get charged by a panel beater. This is because the manufacturer's stated repair method can impact costs, as good panel beaters will follow their set procedure to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. At Sheen Panel Service, we never compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle by using parts that aren't designed for it, and this is reflected by our consideration of its age, features, and value.

It's worth getting the price of panel beating services from an experienced panel beater for this reason. We put people first—restoring vehicles to the pre-accident condition our customers expect.

What else goes into a quote?

There are a few other factors that go into creating a panel beater's quote, such as the availability of high-quality paint and the time required to do the work. However, it may surprise you to learn that the location of your car and whether or not you have insurance plays no part in how a good panel beater calculates costs.

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Keen to learn more about the process?

Call Sheen first on 1300 REPAIR to learn more about our repair process and how we calculate the most accurate panel beating prices for you. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality workmanship and our customer-first approach, and we'll ensure you get the highest quality panel beating repair work with minimal inconvenience. We can even organise a replacement vehicle for you—completely free of charge.

You may not deal with auto design and insurance companies every day, but we do. We are experts in navigating insurance jargon and sourcing hard-to-find replacement parts. So, let us handle both your insurance company and your panel beating for you. We’ll make sure that you’re not taken for a ride.

Instead of repairing your vehicle to your insurer's standards, we repair it to yours. Call Sheen today to discuss your smash repair needs on 1300 REPAIR, or locate your nearest Sheen Panel Service.

Alternatively, simply Upload Your Smash to get a free panel beating quote within the hour*.