Don't get stuck with a repairer you don't want when you're choosing car insurance

Sheen Group on 25 September 2017

It's hard to find a car insurance policy that's right for you. There are so many things to consider regarding pricing, car usage and payment options. One thing a lot of people don't consider is the choice of repairer. Car insurance providers will either give you the option to choose a repairer, or you'll be forced to go with one that the insurance company has already chosen.

The risks of not choosing your own repairer

In some cases, a repairer may have an agreement with the insurance company, where a guaranteed workflow is offered in return for a reduced cost in repairs. With a reduced cost and time dedicated to the service, it can make it hard for a repairer to complete work properly.

This isn't always a good thing as your car may not be repaired with the right amount of time and attention it needs. This can lead to poor workmanship or corners being cut in the repairs. In this situation, no one really benefits apart from the insurance provider.

The benefits of choosing your own repairer

Ensuring you have a choice of repairer can make the process of getting your car fixed a lot smoother. You'll know the repairer, their reputation, and have peace of mind.

If you've been to a repairer in the past like Sheen, you know the level of service and customer care is second to none. Repairers like Sheen will dedicate the appropriate time and care it takes to get your car back to pre-crash condition. Extra perks such as an accident replacement vehicle and complimentary car wash can make the whole process of getting your car serviced a lot more seamless and stress-free.

Sheen Panel ServiceInsurer Preferred Repairers 

Choice of an accident replacement vehicle

Hire car regularly not included

Genuine parts and paints

Non-genuine parts may be used

One point of contact

Multiple departments

Local repairer near you

Repairer often outside your area

Sheen quality repairs

Insurer quality repairs

What to look for in a car insurance policy

When you initially choose a car insurance policy, make sure that you have the option to choose your repairer. Without this option, your provider can choose a vehicle repairer that they prefer. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers don't realise this until after they've lodged their claim to the insurance provider.

It's becoming increasingly common for insurance providers to offer a range of policies and offers that confuse the consumers. The initial happiness of saving some money when taking out the policy is short lived when an accident occurs and the insurance company dictates where you have your own car repaired.

The insurance company's choice of repairer may be another cost-cutting tactic you don't notice straight away. By not having choice of repairer, the insurance company is able to reduce the consumers premium. The insurer is able to control the cost of the repairs in the event of an accident, as they use their own repairers. This can have negative effects on the repairs as the repairer is limited by time and money to spend on your vehicle

Here at Sheen Panel Service, we guarantee If you have choice of repairer or are not at fault in your insurance policy, you can select us as your repair option. We have years of experience dealing with some of Australia's premium car insurance providers.

Why choose Sheen?sheen repair

  • Choice of a replacement vehicle
  • Genuine parts and paints
  • Fleet partner benefits
  • Local repairer near you

There are many advantages to choosing Sheen as your preferred smash repairer. Upon handing your car in, you'll have the option to use one of our replacement vehicles so you can go about your day with minimal interruptions. We only use genuine parts and paints, so your car will be repaired back to pre-crash condition.

Looking for a fleet partner? Becoming a Sheen fleet partner gives your company access to many benefits which may include the contributions to your insurer's excess. Your company will also be eligible for under-excess repairs which can protect cash flow and insurance premiums.

With several locations across Victoria, there's surely a Sheen Panel Service near you. So help will never be too far away. With Sheen's 24-hour towing service you can even get your car towed to a repairer and get a replacement vehicle dropped off at your location.

Got any more questions about car repairs and insurance? Call Sheen on 1300 REPAIR or find your closest store for more information.