Need Renault smash repairs? You know who to call.

Sheen Panel Service on 27 July 2016

Choose a repairer who knows your Renault inside and out

Smash repairs for Renault Clio

Choose a specialist panel beater to repair your Renault car. Image credit: Renault

For over one hundred years, French manufacturer Renault, has been at the forefront of prestige design.

Whereas the German car companies have focused on sleekness and efficiency, Renault has carved a niche for itself and their customers, by consistently delivering striking and elegant designs.

Take one look at a Renault, and you'll recognise that it's no Volkswagen.

Those lines, that perspicuous grill and tail, there's nothing else on the road quite like it. It's distinctly French and unmistakably Renault.

When it comes to repairing that unique body shape, it's important to choose a repairer who knows Renault smash repairs, inside and out.

Specialist Renault smash repairs Melbourne wide

Renault cars are quite different to their Asian and U.S. rivals.

They feature the latest European driving and safety features. And, while this makes for a unique driving experience, it also means that they require specialist knowledge when it comes to repairs.

Being a specialist Renault panel beater means:

  • Carrying out all work to exact manufacturer specifications
  • Using only genuine and approved Renault parts
  • Being able to recognise telltale signs of wear and internal damage
  • Not settling for second-best, doing a specialist job, every time

When it comes to Renault smash repairs, at Sheen, we never take a 'near enough is good enough' approach. Renault smash repairs require extra care and eye for detail. We ensure the job is done right, every time.

Renault Captur

Use a panel beater who knows Renault cars. Image credit: Yauhen /

  • Clio
  • Megane
  • Captur
  • Koleos

These are the popular makes that we service, however, our specialist Renault panel beaters do also carry out work on older and classic models.

For advice on a particular Renault make or model contact us.

Renault genuine parts

Renault say that genuine parts represent the 'inner beauty' of your vehicle.

We don't know about that. But, we do know that genuine parts mean components made to precise manufacturer standards.

Choose specialist Renault panel beaters and genuine parts for:

  1. High quality and specific design: Renault purpose build all parts to match exact specifications. For reliable function and outstanding performance, look for the official Renault diamond symbol.
  2. Guaranteed fit every time: Whatever your make or model, your Renault genuine parts will have been engineered to provide a perfect fit every time.
  3. Backed by warranty: All Renault Genuine Parts are backed by a one year unlimited kilometre warranty, or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.

At Sheen, all Renault smash repairs are carried out using genuine parts. Whether its light, suspension or engine repairs, we choose genuine parts for guaranteed fit and quality.

Renault panel beaters

Choose a specialist Renault panel beater to repair your Renault.

Why choose specialist Renault panel beaters

There are specialist Renault panel beaters and there are other vehicle repairers.

While a non-specialist repairer could potentially offer a lower-priced quote, they may not know Renault, and they may not carry out work to Renault's high quality standards.

Risks associated with non-specialist repairs include:

  • Use of non-genuine parts
  • Repairs not carried out to manufacturer specifications
  • Missed signs of wear and tear
  • Use of poor quality paint that doesn't match original colours

So don't get caught out with second-rate repairs. Choose specialist Renault panel beaters, such as the team at Sheen.

"When it comes to repairing that unique body shape, it's important to choose a repairer who knows Renault vehicles inside and out."

Need Renault smash repairs?

At Sheen, we don't take shortcuts. When you book in with us, you can rest assured knowing that your Renault is being repaired by specialist Renault panel beaters.

We'll ensure that your vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition. We'll use genuine Renault parts and we'll carry our all repairs to strict manufacturer specifications.

For more information, visit our panel beaters page, or call us on 1300 REPAIR.