Find out where pursuing a panel beater apprenticeship can take you

Sheen Panel Service on 19 February 2019

It's well-known that the knowledge and skills you gain during an apprenticeship can help set you up for life. In the smash repair industry, completing a panel beating apprenticeship will not only accelerate your career but give you the necessary drive to run your own business one day.

If you have a passion for the automotive industry, you've probably wondered what exactly your employment opportunities may be after a panel beater apprenticeship. And we're here to tell you. At Sheen Panel Service, we offer both panel beating and spray painting apprenticeships to help the next generation of auto repair specialists take their first step towards a long and satisfying career.

Keen to learn more about our apprenticeship training program? Check out our careers page to discover how we provide real-life benefits along with ongoing professional development.

No two days are the same

A panel beating apprenticeship will see you working across varied tasks that touch every service point of the business.

There is no typical day for a panel beating apprentice at Sheen Panel Service. Our apprentices master the art of many different panel beating tasks including but not limited to:

  • Repairing, removing and replacing damaged vehicle panels

  • Beating vehicle panels back to their original shape through planishing

  • Fixing dents on damaged vehicles using putty fillers

  • Grinding and filing surfaces both by hand and using power tools

  • Re-fitting vehicle body hardware such as door locks

  • Re-aligning repaired chassises and body frames

  • Removing and replacing vehicle auto-electric components if damaged

  • Operating hydraulic and mechanical equipment and assisting with vehicle spray painting

  • Helping vehicle body builders put together and restore custom-made or vintage cars.

It's a cliché, but there's never a dull moment in a panel beating apprenticeship. Participating in a learning apprenticeship will set you up with an unbeatable knowledge and hands-on understanding of the diverse work of a skilled panel beater and expose you to the greater business model.

There's clear career progression

sheen panel beater sanding car

Securing a panel beater apprenticeship with a reputable panel beating shop can be a first step toward gaining opportunities within the business and beyond. Apprenticeships generally take four years. The first three years involve on-the-job training combined with study on campus at a trade school or TAFE.

The fourth year usually sees apprentices putting their training into practice, with more autonomy and responsibility afforded to them on site, and opportunities to perfect their processes.

At Sheen Group, our apprenticeships are designed to arm you with best-in-class training and genuine career opportunities. We invest in our apprentices - that's why we make you an integral part of the team from Day Dot and provide accredited on and offsite training along with a professional mentorship.

Our partnership with I-CAR ensures all our apprenticeships have the most up-to-date qualifications and training and our apprenticeship model is set up so that you are paid an above-award salary on a weekly basis to enable you to balance your lifestyle with your training.

We provide all apprentices with access to the latest equipment including Car-O-Liner measuring benches, spray booths, and computer scanners that ensure all electronics and sensors are reset and working correctly. And we encourage you to enjoy the environment and culture at our service centres - we have a tight-knit team who are ready to motivate and inspire.

The job opportunities are diverse

Completing a panel beater apprenticeship will set you up for success across technical, operational and communication roles in the automotive industry. Whether you apply for a panel beating or spray painting apprenticeship, you'll learn all the relevant skills you need for a long and rewarding career in the smash repair industry.

Many smash repair jobs can lead to management positions and owning your own franchise. Our experienced and highly-skilled trainers will provide you with the support and guidance you need to find the right road for you.

With a nationally recognised qualification, you'll be ready to join a highly skilled, capable, and adaptable workforce ready to service the latest car models available on the market.

Why apply for a Sheen apprenticeship?

sheen apprenticeship

Sheen Panel Service has an extensive network of workshop locations across Victoria. There's always likely to be career options available for a former Sheen apprentice panel beater.

We work hard to get you performing above the market by providing great benefits along with ongoing professional development. Being trained by seasoned professionals will give you invaluable insight into the future of the auto repair industry and how to keep ahead of the trade so that opportunities are always available.

Our graduates are some of the best in the industry today, and we know how to turn your passion for cars into a promising career in the auto repair business. With almost 50 years' experience and loads of prestigious industry awards under our belt, we'll ensure you're set up for success.

Jumpstart your career in smash repairs and panel beating by applying for one of our panel beating or spray painting apprenticeships. Visit our automotive apprenticeships page to apply or check out our careers hub to learn more about panel beating job opportunities.