What to look for in a modern panel beater

Sheen Panel Service on 14 December 2015

Cars are an ever-evolving piece of technology. Just compare the cars of today, with the cars from 50 years ago or more... compulsory seat belts are just the start! These days, the vehicles we drive seem more computer than machine, with GPS, dual-zone climate control, assisted steering and braking… the list goes on!

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So, when it comes to smash repairs you need a panel beater who is up to date with the times. Constant training with industry-leaders and refining best-practice panel beating methods are just the tip of the iceberg. Approaches to panel beating, technology and materials need to reflect the changes in how modern cars are made.

What exactly makes cars made from 2010 so different? And why should you only trust the best when it comes to these modern machines? Read more below, or just call our friendly team on 1300 REPAIR.

What’s new in new cars?

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We all know that cars are mostly made out of metal – a steel uni-body, to be precise. Then there's metal panels, plastic, rubber, glass, wires and much much more. Traditional, old-school panel beaters mostly deal in steel and plastic.

But there have been plenty of obvious changes in the automotive world, and plenty coming up too (did I hear you say self-driving cars?). The challenge for leaders in the panel beating world is to keep up to date with this rapid pace of change, as well as be aware of the changes that aren't immediately visible.

For cars developed after 2010, there are plenty of these changes. In particular, manufacturers are employing a range of new materials and technology. Some of these innovations include the use of high-tensile steel and aluminium, as well as the ever-increasingly use of sophisticated electronics, sensors, cameras and airbags.

What’s the risk with cheap panel beaters?

With all the newest developments in cars and panel beating, there's always a lot to learn. This means that panel beaters need to make investments in modern equipment and quality materials. This is especially true for those with a prestige vehicle, such as PorscheBMW or Mercedes!

Among poor training, equipment and materials, the risk of going with a cheap panel beater is that they are not always completely up-to-date with modern modern cars and technology. New cars require a new level of technical knowledge that is only achievable through on-going training.

Without this expertise, your car runs the risk of being repaired using dated panel beating techniques.

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Dangers of Cheap Panel beaters

  • Poor quality paints
  • Poor workmanship and skill
  • Non-genuine parts
  • Poor customer service
Find out how cheap panel beaters cut costs.

How are Sheen panel beaters the best equipped for 2010+ cars?

So, what makes Sheen's panel beating service so different? How do we make sure that your car, no matter the make, model or year, gets the best possible smash repairs?

  • Training. All our panel beaters receive ongoing training from the leaders in panel beating techniques. I-CAR is the industry body that sets the standards for the collision repair industry, and offer certification for the best panel beaters in the industry. All of our panel beaters undergo I-CAR platinum training, and our stores are either I-CAR Gold certified, or working towards this certification. Our staff are also up-to-date with the latest best-practice panel beating methods offered directly by our suppliers and car manufacturers.
  • Technology. We use only the latest equipment – like Car-O-Liner measuring benches, spray booths, computer scanners, aluminium rooms, mig welders and spot inverters. And all Sheen panel beating locations undergo regular refurbishments and maintenance to keep up with developments in car design and manufacture.
  • Materials. To be the best panel beaters in Melbourne, we use only quality materials. Genuine parts and high quality paints are a key part of that picture. For example, all location exclusively use Glasurit paint, a manufacturer recommended, environmentally-friendly paint that ensures a superior finish.
  • Workmanship guarantee. We're confident that our combination of experience, technology, training and materials will fix up your car, for good. In fact, we’re willing to guarantee it, with our life time guarantee on all the work we do.

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