What is it That Separates Sheen Panel Beaters from the Others?

Sheen Panel Service on 15 December 2014

We believe there are two types of panel beaters in the world: panel beaters, and Sheen panel beaters.

So, what is it that separates the best from the rest? As with any skillset, training and experience are both essential components of becoming an expert panel beater. But the breadth of services a panel beater is able to provide and an inclination towards customer service also come into play if you want to reach to top tiers of the industry.

Here at Sheen, we live life at the top.

What is a Panel Beater?

sheen training weldingA panel beater is a person who specialises in vehicle body repairs, usually after the event of either a major or minor accident. A panel beater’s job is to perform the necessary repairs to the main panels and sub panels of any vehicle, which may also include making and forming new panels using either machines or hand tools. Ideally, a good panel beater will be able to restore any vehicle to pre-accident condition. That is the ultimate goal of any panel beater.

Some of the tasks a panel beater may be required to perform as part of their job include:

  • Removing, repairing & replacing damaged panels on any vehicle
  • Making or forming panels to replaced damaged ones
  • Repair dents on a damaged vehicle using fillers
  • Filing, grinding & sanding the body of a vehicle to restore a smooth vehicle surface
  • Re-fit body hardware, such as door locks
  • Realign chassis & body frames
  • Removing & replacing a vehicle’s auto-electric components if damaged

As you could guess from the name, panel beaters work very closely with a car’s panels. Since each make and model of car is unique, a panel beater’s experience is very important in determining the quality of work they will perform. A good panel beater will possess a huge breadth of knowledge, knowing the ins and outs of a wide range of vehicles including luxury models.

sheen training fixing car

What Training is Required?

There are a lot of training courses for panel beaters available out there, but some are inevitably better than others. When you are looking for panel beating services, it is important to determine what level and calibre of training they have undergone, as well as the amount of experience they have under their belt.

At Sheen, we require all of our panel beaters to possess I Car qualifications. As a globally recognised training organisation for collision repairs, I Car’s vision is that every person within the industry will possess all of the appropriate knowledge and skills required to perform safe, quality smash repairs. Ultimately, this is for the benefit and safety of the consumer, as panel beating facilities that achieve I Car training requirements demonstrate enhanced business performance with a subsequent reduction of risks.

vacc training logo

VACC is another important mark to look for when deciding on a panel beating service; a mark which all of our Sheen workshops throughout Melbourne have earned. The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)was established in 1918 as the premier association for employers and business people working in the motor mobile industry, to represent the interests of industry workers and consumers alike.

If you see the VACC brand logo displayed on a panel beating workshop, you can rest assured in the knowledge that it is the mark of a motor industry professional.

Becoming a Sheen Panel Beater

Our staff are what make us so great, which is why we invest so much time and effort into producing the highest calibre of collision repair experts – including panel beaters who specialise in luxury vehicles. And with over 45 years’ industry experience, we are well-equipped to train expert panel beaters to provide top level service.

At Sheen Panel Service, we are always looking for more panel beaters to join our qualified ranks. Career opportunities with Sheen range from apprentice level all the way up to shop managers, with extensive training and professional guidance continually provided at each level of expertise.

If you want to become an expert panel beater, visit our careers page.

For expert panel beating services, call Sheen first on 1300 REPAIR.