Panel beater or insurance for repairs. Who do you call?

Sheen Panel Service on 14 June 2017

You've been in a smash. You have two choices.

After a smash, you have two choices. You can call your local panel beater or insurance for repairs. But which is right for you? Who should you ask for assistance during this often stressful time?

At Sheen Panel Service, we understand that the answer isn't always straightforward. So, we encourage all drivers to do some research before choosing a local panel beater or insurance for repairs.

Here's why.

The risk of insurance smash repairs

Not all smash repairs are equal. Far from it. Over the years, insurance smash repairs providers - also known as insurer preferred repairers - have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Like this 2014 ABC report which claimed that insurers were putting cars back on the road with 'potentially deadly faults'. Or the story of this AAMI Insurance customer, who's insurer preferred repairer and its shoddy repairs left the vehicle with an 'unbearable stench' and a serious mould problem.

Why risk your car? Your car's resale? And, potentially, the safety of your passengers?

What to do instead

Call your local panel beater.

A local panel beater, such as one of the team at your nearest Sheen Panel Service, will be able to handle your complete smash repair process, from start to finish. Including assisting with your insurance claim.

Customer Service Main SupportFor example, at Sheen we can offer you:

  • An accident replacement vehicle for the length of your repairs
  • Free pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle
  • A local repairer near you
  • One point of contact, end to end

Most importantly, though, you'll get Sheen quality repairs.

That means only genuine parts and paints. Quality repairs carried out by experienced panel beaters. As well as a lifetime warranty on all repairs. We'll do the job properly, first time, every time.

Sheen Panel Service vs. Insurance Smash Repairs

When choosing between a Sheen panel beater or insurance for repairs, it's important to remember one thing. There's your insurer's idea of quality service. And then there's ours.

Here's how the two compare.

Sheen Panel Service Insurance Smash Repairs 

Choice of Accident replacement vehicle*

Hire car regularly not included

Genuine parts and paints

Non-genuine parts may be used

One point of contact

Multiple departments

Local repairer near you

Repairer often outside your area

Sheen quality repairs

Insurer quality repairs

The importance of your choice of repairer

Did you know that you may not get to say who works on your car? That you may not get to choose between an independent panel beater or insurance for repairs? Unless you have your choice of repairer listed on your policy, then you will not get the choice of an independent repairer.

Unfortunately, it's often not until after a smash that drivers realise this, at which point it's too late.

So, don't get caught out.

Make sure that your choice of repairer is included on your insurance policy today.

This is your assurance that you'll get to choose who works on your car.

The importance of an accident replacement vehicle

sheen courtesy car

Life doesn't stop for smash repairs. The kids still need to be picked up from school. You still need to drive to the office each day. You still need to drive to the supermarket for the weekly shop.

This is why an accident replacement vehicle* is so important. It's also one thing many drivers don't consider when deciding between a panel beater or insurance for repairs.

Without an accident replacement vehicle, the next option is typically a rental car. And, unfortunately, that can cost you hundreds. A cost which often isn't covered by your insurer.

Many insurers only offer a taxi coupon to get you to and from the insurance smash repairs location. Arranging another vehicle while your car is 'in the shop' is often your responsibility. And this can cost you a significant sum.

At Sheen Panel Service, unlike many insurance smash repairs operations, we offer you a choice in accident replacement vehicle. Choose from small cars, family cars, utes and vans, at no extra charge. It's part of our service.

*Terms and conditions apply. 

5 Step Sheen Smash Repair Process

When you choose Sheen Panel Service, you'll enjoy the simplicity of our 5 step smash repair process.

Step 1: Free assessment and quote

We’ll talk you through the entire process. We can even advise on lodging your insurance claim.

Step 2: Drop off your car

You can drop off your car at any of our 26 locations. Or we can pick your car up for you.

Step 3: Enjoy an accident replacement vehicle while we repair your vehicle

Enjoy your accident replacement vehicle, ute or van while we complete your repairs.

Step 4: Collect your car

Pick up your car in pre-crash condition – detailed, valeted, and with a complimentary gift bag.

Step 5: Enjoy post-service care

We conduct a full follow-up to ensure you're fully satisfied. Can your insurance smash repairs match that?

"Not all smash repairs are equal. Far from it."

Panel beater or insurance for repairs? Call Sheen first!

Been in a smash? Call Sheen first! We can handle everything, from start to finish. We can even assist with your insurer and your insurance claim. And, of course, you'll enjoy a accident replacement vehicle.

Don't get caught out with insurance smash repairs. Ensure your car is repaired by an experienced Sheen panel beater. We'll get the job done right, first time, and we'll back it with a lifetime guarantee.

Find out more online or call 1300 REPAIR