Keeping you safe as you move around the city

Sheen Panel Service on 17 August 2020

Melbourne is a city on the move. Home to around 5 million people, the greater Melbourne area is also the fastest growing area in Australia in terms of population growth. More people bring more cars to our roads, and more cars inevitably mean a higher risk of accidents around the city.

With hook turns, trams, cyclists, and pedestrians to contend with, it's no surprise that Melbourne is home to some of the most dangerous intersections for Australian drivers. In this article, we'll take a look at some of these convergences, and give you advice on how best to navigate them.

Sheen Panel Service is dedicated to helping you stay safe on the road. We understand that sometimes prangs are unavoidable. If you've been in a not-at-fault accident, contact us and we'll get repairs underway.

Please note: This article uses historical crash data and crash data from the last 5 years supplied by VicRoads.

1. Springvale Junction

On the road, complexity can lead to injury. Springvale Junction — where Springvale Road and Police Road meet the Princes Highway — is one of the worst urban blackspots in Australia. The intersection funnels hundreds of thousands of vehicles a day through 10 sets of traffic lights. In fact, this intersection is so deadly that it has injured 200 people in a span of 4 years in the early 2000s. That's almost one per week.

How to navigate

Don't go there. Avoid it at all costs. That's our best piece of advice. However, if you do find yourself in a collision in Springvale, help isn't far away. Sheen Panel Service in Dandenong is a mere 10 minutes from the intersection.

2. Ballarat Road and Anderson Road

The confluence of two of Sunshine's largest and most popular arterials was always going to cause headaches for drivers. Fortunately, the state government has spent close to $600,000 making the intersection safer for drivers. However, speed is still a factor here — of the 30-odd accidents recorded here in the last 5 years, 25 were at speeds of over 70km/h.

How to navigate

Pay close attention to new signage and line-markings. Keen wits and non-complacent driving can mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately for drivers, Sheen Panel Service in Sunshine is 5 minutes north of this location.

3. Cranbourne-Frankston Road and Union Road

The suburb of Langwarrin is jammed right between a rock and a hard place — Cranbourne and Frankston, two of the south east's busiest areas. This deadly intersection has recorded 24 serious incidents in the last 5 years, with many involving speed and alcohol.

How to navigate

Many incidents in this intersection stem directly from poor situational awareness. Motorcyclists often make right-hand turns from Cranbourne-Frankston Road and are missed by drivers. Sheen at Frankston is on call to help drivers involved in accidents.

4. Maroondah Highway and Mount Dandenong Road

Are you sensing a theme? When highways, arterials, and roads meet, it's rarely a safe bet. This critical juncture in Ringwood has recorded 18 serious crashes resulting in dozens of injuries in the last few years. The federal government recently stepped in to offer financial assistance to help manage the daily flow of over 100,000 vehicles.

How to navigate

Over a dozen lanes converge at this point. Keep your head on a swivel and be super aware of the flow of the traffic lights. Running a yellow light may cost you dearly. If you are involved in a prang, call Sheen at Ringwood for a tow.

5. Sayers Road and Morris Road

Like a lot of areas in Hoppers Crossing, this intersection desperately needed traffic lights to avoid further collisions and fatalities. These were installed in 2010, but this intersection still remains a hotspot for crashes in Melbourne, having recorded 15 serious incidents in the last 5 years.

How to navigate

If you're in one of the 50,000-plus vehicles a day to pass through this intersection, you'll need to be hyper-aware of other drivers. Speed is a common factor in many prangs here. If your vehicle is damaged in a collision, you can rest easy. Sheen at Hoppers Crossing is only 10 minutes away. The team can tow your vehicle from the area to our location in a very short time.

Final thoughts

Driving in Melbourne is only made safer by you. As we get older, we become more and more comfortable on the road. Comfort leads to complacency, which often leads to carelessness. This is the case at intersections, where slow-speed accidents and fender benders are common.

With a bit of care and attention, Melbourne's most dangerous intersections can become just as functional and harmonious as the least dangerous ones.

Sheen offers a superior not-at-fault panel beating service. While we get to work fixing your vehicle, you can get on with life in an accident replacement car.