From collision to conclusion, here's what to do after a minor car accident

Sheen Panel Service on 7 May 2019

What to do after a minor accident

After a minor car accident, you should ensure that everyone, including yourself, is safe. Contact the police and give your version of the events, but never admit fault. After that, you need to document and assess the damage, arranging a tow truck if needed. Before you do that, contact Sheen Panel Service on 1300 REPAIR.

We can tow your car, begin repairs and work with your insurer, getting you back on the road after a minor car accident.

Here's five easy steps you should follow from the moment an incident takes place.

1. Make sure everyone is safe

Safety first. It's the most important step of all. No matter the severity of the collision, you need to make sure everyone is safe and secure.

  • Check yourself first. You can't offer much assistance if you are injured.
  • Check your passengers. If there are any injuries, apply first aid and call an ambulance.
  • If your car can be driven, park it as close to the shoulder of the road as possible.
  • Make sure the road is safe. Get out of the car and go and check on the other vehicle.

Once everyone is safe, you can get on with assessing and dealing with the damages incurred by your minor car accident.

2. Never admit fault

Another very important step. You must not admit fault to anyone. Not the other driver, not the police, not witnesses - nobody. Panicking, apologising and admitting fault can have adverse consequences for you later on, especially when it comes to the insurance claims process.

  • Adrenalin will be running high, so take a moment to breathe deeply and compose yourself.
  • Approach the other driver in a calm and rational manner. 

What's done is done. Remember, hindsight is 20/20, and there's no point in getting worked up over something that cannot be reversed. Leave the arguing to the insurance companies.

3. Call the police

In the event of a minor car accident that has incurred damage, the police must be called. This does not mean that anybody is at fault. A police presence give drivers an impartial platform to record their side of an incident.

  • The police will make a report detailing what happened based on the testimonies of affected parties and bystanders.
  • They may also administer traffic violations for parties deemed to be in breach of road rules.

While the police are on their way, you can move onto the other steps below, provided everyone is safe and secure.

what to do after a minor car accident

3. Document and assess

Documentation is essential. An accurate presentation of a minor car accident will help you manage the fallout of an incident. Insurance companies need proof to process claims.

  1. Approach the other driver and get their contact and insurance information.
  2. If possible, get the contact information of bystanders and eyewitnesses.
  3. Use your smartphone to take photos of the crash site, debris, physical injuries, damage to your car and damage other property.
  4. If your car is not in a roadworthy condition, and needs to be towed away, organise a tow truck.

After you've documented the accident, it's important that you get your insurance claim underway and your car repaired. Sheen Panel Service can assist with these next steps.

4. Contact your insurer

The best way to ensure a stress-free claims process is to contact your insurance provider immediately following a road incident. Making contact through Sheen Panel Service can streamline this process and allow you to get back on the road sooner.

  • Sheen Panel Service can liaise with your insurer on your behalf.
  • We can tow your car, contact your insurer to process your claim, and begin repairs as soon as possible.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when telling your insurer about a minor car accident. With Sheen Panel Service on your side, you can relax while we work with your insurer and get repairs started.

5. Get repairs

steps to take after a car accident

Depending on the severity of the accident, your car may have received damages that range from cosmetic to extensive. 

  • If minor damage, like a bump or scratch, will cost less to repair than your excess, do not make a claim.
  • If you do make a claim, you will probably have to pay for the damages up front and receive a refund after the claims process is complete,
  • Check your insurance policy to see if there is a preferred mechanic in your area.

If your car needs repairs, call Sheen Panel Service. We take pride in taking the stress of road incidents. After towing your vehicle, we can repair it in a timely manner. We will also liaise with your insurer on your behalf, letting you get on with life.