Find out what tools and equipment will help you stay safe on the road

Sheen Panel Service on 11 November 2020

No matter where you're driving to, or how long the journey is, your car safety kit can save you in an emergency. And you never know when you might need it. But it's important to keep it fully stocked and ready to go with the right tools and safety products.

From a first aid kit to your spare tyre, find out more about the essential road safety equipment to place in your car's emergency kit.

Sheen Panel Service places your safety first. Our team of expert panel beaters are ready to tend to your car if you get into a prang on the road. If you've been in a not-at fault accident, get in touch and we'll get you back on the road as fast as we can.

First aid kit

First things first, you need a fully stocked first aid kit. You can buy one from your local Bunnings or chemist. To make sure your kit is up to scratch in case of an emergency, make sure it includes:

  • Gloves and eye protection
  • Roller gauze
  • Gauze pads
  • Medical tape
  • Bandaids
  • Cotton applicators
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Antiseptic cream

To understand how best to use your first aid kit, make sure it includes first aid notes and instructions. All kits should come with these instructions, and we recommend reading the notes before you get on the road.

Spare tyre

Never underestimate the importance of your spare tyre. Whether you're travelling to work in the city or going on a road trip, you might need your spare tyre. Check the compartment in your car's boot to make sure the spare tyre is located there.

Buy a tyre pressure gauge and keep it in your car, so you can check the pressure regularly. You'll be able to find the manufacturer's correct pressure specification in your user's manual. Speaking of which...

User's manual

The user's manual is not just important for checking the pressure of your spare tyre; it's your go-to guide to working out potential problems with your car. If you don't experience much car trouble, it's unlikely you know what that rattling sound is coming from under the hood of your car, or why a certain light on your dashboard is flashing. Your user's manual will tell you what's wrong, and whether you should get off the road and head to a mechanic's workshop straight away.

Jumper leads

If your car is older, or hasn't been serviced recently — or even if you leave a car light on — the battery can die quickly. That's why you should keep jumper leads on hand. All you need is another car, and you'll be able to drive yours to a workshop where an expert can help identify the problem.

Emergency water

business man stranded in desert

Yes, it's important to have water available for you to drink, but there is another reason you should keep an extra supply of water in your car. If you drive on dusty roads, or drive through rain after a windy day, your windshield can get dirty. And, if you run out of windshield wiper water, you won't be able to clean it easily, and your vision will be obscured.

Oil and coolant

Keep oil and coolant supplies in your car for emergency top-ups on long trips. To minimise the risk of running out of either product, check your car's levels before travelling long distances. If your car's coolant runs low, your engine can overheat, and that can cause irreparable damage to your car's engine.

Street directory

While smartphones (and smart cars) have GPS systems readily available, what happens if your phone battery dies or your car system shorts out? Storing a street directory in your car can save you from unnecessary trouble if you're travelling in an unknown area.

Sheen can help if you have a crash

You can fully stock your car with all the right safety tools, and still experience car troubles. Thankfully, there are professional services that can help. At Sheen Panel Service, we offer emergency towing services, and while we're doing your pannel beating we'll offer you a great replacement vehicle.

 We also work with a range of insurance providers to help you in an emergency. If you find yourself in an accident where you're not at fault, we can help you with your insurance claim.

At Sheen Panel Service, we've helped thousands of Victorians with not-at-fault accidents since we first formed the company. We'll help you get roadworthy in no time.