Golf been in a smash? Call a Volkswagen specialist.

Sheen Panel Service on 29 June 2016

Cuthbert Automotive and their team of smash repairers know Volkswagens.

That's because the team at Cuthbert Prestige Collision Repairs are Volkswagen approved panel beaters. And in order to be approved by Volkswagen, you need to be a Volkswagen specialist.

What does 'specialist' mean? It means having expert knowledge of Volkswagen vehicles, as well as experience working with a range of VW models. It also means using genuine parts and equipment.

Therefore, by choosing Volkswagen approved panel beaters, such as the team at Cuthbert Prestige Collision Repairs, you can rest easy, knowing that your vehicle is being repaired by someone who knows Volkswagens, inside and out.

Why choosing Volkswagen approved panel beaters matters

Volkwagen smash repairs

Volkswagen smash repairs should be performed by Volkswagen specialists.

Volkswagen has a long tradition of pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

Whether it's redefining what a "people's car" could be via the Beetle and the Golf, or pushing the limits of performance with W16 engines, the manufacturer has never been afraid to think outside the box.

This passion for innovation is reflected in every car they make. And that makes Volkswagens some of the finest and most affordable prestige cars on the road today.

However, because Volkswagens are unique, they also require tailored repairs and specialist care.

In other words, when it comes to Volkswagen smash repairs, you need someone who knows not just cars but specifically Volkswagen cars.

By choosing Volkswagen approved panel beaters, you can ensure that your vehicle is cared for and repaired properly, as per the manufacturer's unique design and instructions.

Restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition requires specialised knowledge and genuine parts. Here's an example of a Volkswagen Golf before and after repairs.

Volkswagen Golf smash repairs

This Volkswagen Golf was perfectly restored to pre-crash condition.

There are genuine Volkswagen parts and inferior copies

Authorised Volkwagen smash repairs in Melbourne

Ensure your Volkswagen repairs use genuine Volkswagen parts.

Did you know that there are nearly 300,000 different Volkswagen genuine parts?

All of those parts are built for individual purposes and models. They're designed to fit into your vehicle 'like a hand into a glove'.

And this attention to detail in terms of fit and finish ensures that your vehicle's paintwork, synthetics and rubber will not be damaged by improperly fitting parts.

Benefits of genuine parts:

  • Quality to Volkswagen standards
  • Optimum accuracy of fit
  • The latest engineering standards
  • Safety of Volkswagen approved parts

Genuine Volkswagen parts are of the highest standards. They're tough, reliable and expertly engineered – just like your Volkswagen.

"Did you know that there are nearly 300,000 different Volkswagen genuine parts?"

Risks associated with second-rate repairs

Volkswagen panel beaters melbourne

Approved Volkswagen smash repairers ensure your VW repairs are completed properly.

Not all Volkswagen smash repairs are carried out equally.

Sure, there are quality repairers out there. However, unfortunately, there are also less-discerning ones.

Non-approved repairers can:

  • Use non-genuine parts
  • Not follow manufacturer guidelines
  • Miss important signs of wear
  • Use poor quality paint

Alternatively, Volkswagen approved panel beaters like the team at Cuthbert Prestige Collision Repairs, will ensure the job is completed properly, every time.

Need Volkswagen smash repairs?

The team at Cuthbert Prestige Collision Repairs are your Volkswagen approved specialists. Their expertise and genuine parts will ensure that your Volkswagen is returned to pre-accident condition.

You can contact the team online or over the phone on 1300 REPAIR.