Mazda smash repairs? Call a Mazda expert.

Sheen Panel Service on 12 August 2016

  • Always use genuine Mazda parts
  • Sheen knows Mazda smash repairs
  • Don't risk your vehicle with 'cheap' repairers

Restore your Mazda to pre-accident condition

Did you know, Mazda produce some of the safest, most practical and durable vehicles available today? From the Mazda 2 to the MX-5, all Mazdas are engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

It's not surprising then, that in 2015, Mazda sold more cars than any other manufacturer in Australia, save for Toyota. The Mazda 3, in particular, sold extremely well with a huge 38,644 cars leaving showrooms floors.

Australians love their Mazdas. They appreciate the striking and stylish design, the 'zippy' and responsive performance, and most of all the exceptional reliability for which the brand is known.

So, at Sheen, we find that when drivers come in for Mazda smash repairs, they want two things. One, to get their Mazda back on the road. Two, to get their cars performing as well as they did before their accident.

That's where we help, we can restore your Mazda to pre-accident condition.

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2016 Mazda 3. Image courtesy of

Why choose Mazda experts for Mazda smash repairs?

At Sheen, we've been providing smash repairs for Melbourne's Mazdas since 1969.

Our Mazda experts understand Mazda vehicles inside and out. Whether it's the replacement of panels or repairs to vital componentry, we ensure the job is done properly, every time.

Being Mazda experts means:

  • Ensuring all work is carried out to Mazda's specifications
  • Only using genuine Mazda replacement parts
  • Understanding unique Mazda systems and componentry
  • Never settling for second-rate work or parts

We have extensive experience working with a range of Mazda vehicles, including both modern and older models, while our parts network gives us access to a wide range quality replacement parts.

mazda front left light2Need Mazda smash repairs?

Been in a smash? Need repairs? Searching for a trusted repairer? Call our Mazda experts.

We'll get you back on the road sooner. We can even provide you with a accident replacement vehicle.

Find out more about Sheen smash repairs.

The importance of genuine Mazda parts

When it comes to replacement parts, there is the genuine article and inferior copies.

Genuine parts are made to strict manufacturer standards, they're rigorously tested for strength and they're backed by Mazda's parts and panels warranty - non-genuine parts, on the other hand, may not be.

Choose Mazda experts and genuine parts for:

  1. Ideal fit and finish: Genuine parts are made to fit perfectly. They're built by Mazda, for Mazda vehicles. They deliver a precise and ideal fit and finish, each and every time.
  2. Quality and performance: Mazda genuine parts keep your vehicle running as it should. They're made to match your car's high performance and quality standards.
  3. Parts and panels warranty: Install genuine parts and rest easy knowing that your vehicle and its new components are covered by Mazda's parts and panels warranty.

Genuine Mazda parts are of the highest standards. They're tough, reliable and expertly engineered - just like your Mazda. That's why, at Sheen, we use them for Mazda smash repairs, every time.

mazda smash repair process thumbnail2Our process: Mazda smash repairs

Want to know more about our Mazda experts' smash repair process?

You can find out more by clicking on the link below.

Our five step smash repair process

Risks associated with lower-quality repairs

When it comes to Mazda smash repairs, not all work is carried out equally.

Low-quality repairs can put your car at risk, and can potentially result in damage to your vehicle.

Less-discerning repairers can,

  • Use non-genuine parts
  • Not follow manufacturer guidelines
  • Miss important signs of wear
  • Use poor quality paint

So, don't risk your car with second-rate repairs, choose the team of Mazda experts at Sheen.

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"Did you know, Mazda produce some of the safest and most practical vehicles available today?"

Speak with a Mazda expert today

Need Mazda smash repairs? Speak one of our Mazda experts today for specialist advice and support. At Sheen, we have all the parts, experience and expertise to get you back on the road, sooner.

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