Sheen Panel Service on 13 December 2016

So you've dented your car. Maybe you've done a serious number on the body work. Now comes the pain of dealing with your insurer - getting multiple quotes from panel beaters, filling out their endless paperwork. And that's before anyone's even started work on the repairs.

But there are ways you can speed up the whole process. Here are a few of the key factors - and what you can do to ensure your car is quickly repaired:

The circumstances

If you've been in a two (or more) car accident, were you at fault? This may affect whether or not the repairs need to be handled through your insurer. If the job can be done privately (ie without the need for your insurer getting involved), the job can usually be done relatively quickly as you can deal with the panel beater of your choice directly. This can be advantageous when:

  1. No other vehicle was involved in the collision (eg hit a fence post)
  2. Your insurance excess is high
  3. You stand to lose your no claims bonus - pushing up your premium

If you're unsure whether you were at fault for an accident, call 1300 REPAIR and we can help.

The quote(s)

Most insurers want multiple quotes from different panel beaters, which can be extremely time-consuming. And completing the necessary paperwork can be a real drainer.

The trick here is not to call your insurer. That's because a good panel beater will do that for you. They can help you deal with the insurer, including helping you fill out the associated paperwork - because they deal with it all day, every day.

Again, calling Sheen first on 1300 REPAIR means we can have all the paperwork ready for the assessor - making the whole process as fast as possible.

Insurance company assessment times

If your panel beating cannot be done privately, you may be at the mercy of insurers' turnaround times.

This turnaround can depend on a variety of things. For example, the insurance company may not be able to get an assessor out to the shop for 3-5 days. Or, it could be the opposite; they may be able to assess the vehicle the same day.


The panel beater

Your choice of panel beater can have a profound effect on the time it takes to get your car back.

And it's not always wise to choose the "fastest" panel beaters. Instead, opt for reputable panel beaters as they are usually committed to making your life easier. They'll talk you through the repair process – including help with lodging your insurance claim - and generally do whatever it takes to get your car back to you in pre-crash condition in a timely manner.

That's why Sheen Panel Service has a simple ensuring we're the fastest panel beater that still does a great job.

sheen repairing white car

First, drop off your vehicle. You can visit one of our 26 locations to get an estimate – or we can come to you. Using our state of the art panel beating technology, we then quickly repair your car without compromising on quality. In the meantime, you'll get an accident replacement vehicle – keeping you on the road. And when you pick up your vehicle, it will be repaired to pre-crash condition – valeted, detailed, and with a complimentary gift bag.

It's all done within a quick turnaround - without any rush jobs or corner-cutting.

Severity of damage and parts availability

If you haven't had chance to upload your smash, call 1300 REPAIR. This will help us get an idea of the severity of damage - and the repairs needed to fix it.

For example, if your car's suspension is damaged, the time needed for repairs can be significant. Parts may take a week to get from overseas.

Because of this, we keep you up to date with your vehicle's progress through the repair stages.

We have the quotes prepared before your insurance assessor arrives, along with repair procedures to explain to the assessor why we need to complete repairs in a specific way. These repair procedures are manufacturer standards and ensure the vehicle is repaired correctly. It also means we make their job easier, helping us get on with the repairs in a timely fashion.

Simply speak with your local Sheen shop manager who will help ensure you have all forms filled out correctly and accurately. Call 1300 REPAIR to start the process today.