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Sheen Panel Service on 16 September 2015

As a Porsche owner, you know that your car is more than just a way of getting from A to B. It’s about going places with a sense of class, style—and speed!

At Sheen, we’re car lovers too. We can appreciate that your Porsche is more than just a car – it’s a unique work of art which requires special care and attention.

So if you have a Porsche in need of panel beating, go with the most trusted panel beaters in Melbourne: Sheen Panel Service. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to make your Porsche brand new again.

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Porsche smash repairs require specialist knowledge and skill

Porsche Smash Repairs

A Porsche encompasses decades of advanced German engineering and design. From classic 911 collectables to modern Cayenne SUVs, each Porsche is a unique collection of various advancements in specialist engineering and design. Each year new models differ from the previous generation, as Porsche engineers develop and adopt new automotive technology.

This uniqueness, however, makes smash repairs for Porsche highly specialised. Panel beating technicians require a specific set of skills and knowledge to tackle Porsche smash repairs. For example, Porsche Carrera models are rear wheel drive, which affects the usual placement of parts and fittings.

A Porsche panel beater needs to be trained in the latest developments in automotive technology and have access to advanced diagnostic tools, genuine replacement parts and high-quality materials.

Tip: avoid ‘cheap’ panel beaters (they’re not cheap in the long run!)

Porsche Smash Repairer

It’s no secret that a Porsche is an expensive car to purchase and maintain. Handing over your Porsche to a cheap panel beater is a sure-fire way to put your special vehicle at risk: an inexperienced and ill-equipped panel beater could end up doing more harm than good.

How do cheap panel beaters cut costs in ways that could damage your Porsche?

  • Using non-genuine aftermarket parts
  • Poor quality training
  • Band-Aid repairs on parts and panels when replacement is required
  • Use of cheap paint

These bad practices will jeopardise the performance, safety and appearance of your Porsche. To top it off, you won’t receive a high level of service and could be left in the dark about the progress of repairs. When your Porsche is in need of panel beating, it pays to seek out the professionals.

Our panel beating team will get your Porsche looking great again

inspecting car sheen panel beater porsche

Sheen have over 45 years’ experience working with vehicles of all makes and models, including Porsche, BMW and Audi. Over that time, we have seen many happy Porsche owners drive away from our stores in their mint condition cars.

What makes Sheen Panel Service ready to tackle Porsche panel beating?

There really is only one way to get your Porsche on the road again, and that’s by going with panel beating experts with the right skill, technology and training to tackle even the most complicated prestige car.

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Porshe Panel Beaters

At Sheen, we're not just experts in panel beating—we are also experts in customer service. When you choose Sheen, you get a lifetime guarantee on our repairs, an accident replacement vehicle and access to vehicle pick-up and delivery services. We will also stay in contact with you over the period of the repair process to keep you up to date with the progress of your Porsche.

When your Porsche gets damaged, rely on the experts in prestige smash repairs.

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