Need Jaguar smash repairs? You know who to call.

Sheen Panel Service on 25 July 2016

There are plenty of prestige cars out there. Yet, there is only one Jaguar.

When it comes to standards of luxury, sophistication, and refinement, the car company with the big cat on the bonnet, has been raising the bar since its inception in 1935.

Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW are certainly no slouches, but there's something special about Jaguars. They're rarer, more classic-looking, and more British. No doubt about it, Jaguars are one of a kind.

So, when it comes Jaguar smash repairs, there is only one choice. You can't use just any repairer. You've got to go with someone who really knows the breed.

Specialist Jaguar smash repairs Melbourne wide

jaguar emblem

Jaguar emblem. Image credit johnbraid /

While you may never see it up close, there is a lot going on inside of your Jaguar.

From the All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) to the Adaptive Dynamics to the JaguarDrive Control system, there's no shortage of cutting-edge technology installed behind the scenes.

While this provides a fantastic driving experience, it also means that when it comes to repairs, you'll need a repairer who knows unique Jaguar systems. In short, you'll need a specialist.

Being specialist Jaguar panel beaters means:

  • Completing work to strict Jaguar standards
  • Only using and installing Jaguar Genuine Parts
  • Adhering to manufacturer specifications
  • Understanding Jaguar systems inside and out

At Sheen, our specialist panel beaters know Jaguar smash repairs.

Our aim is to get your Jaguar back to pre-accident condition. We don't take shortcuts. We repair your car to the highest standards; you wouldn't expect anything less from a specialist.

Jaguar Genuine Parts

jaguar parts2

Genuine engine compartment Jaguar E-Type. Image credit Sergey Kohl /

Jaguar Genuine Parts are crafted according to the manufacturer's high standards. Each and every part is meticulously designed and rigorously tested, for quality, fit and durability.

Choose specialist Jaguar panel beaters and genuine parts for:

  1. Optimum performance and lifespan: Jaguar Genuine Parts are made to exact manufacturer specifications and this delivers peak performance and service life.
  2. A perfect fit: When it comes to replacement parts, 'near enough' simply isn't good enough. Jaguar Genuine Parts are made to fit perfectly, every time.
  3. Peace of mind warranty: All Jaguar Genuine Parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you're covered.

At Sheen, all Jaguar smash repairs are completed using Jaguar Genuine Parts. We will never compromise the security or performance of your Jaguar with inferior quality seconds.

Why choose specialist Jaguar panel beaters

Choose specialist Jaguar panel beaters and that's exactly what you get; specialists.

On the other hand, non-specialist Jaguar panel beaters could risk the security and the performance of your vehicle. They may offer a lower price, but that could cost you in the long run.

Risks associated with non-specialist repairs include:

  • Use of non-genuine parts
  • Repairs not carried out to manufacturer specifications
  • Missed signs of wear and tear
  • Use of poor quality paint that doesn't match original colours

Don't settle for second-rate repairs. Always use specialist Jaguar panel beaters, such as the team at Sheen. We know Jaguar smash repairs. We'll carry out all work to meet Jaguar's high quality standards.

jaguar blue

Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 engine. Image credit Nadezda Murmakova /

"There are plenty of prestige cars out there. Yet, there is only one Jaguar."

Need Jaguar smash repairs?

At Sheen, our specialist Jaguar panel beaters know Jaguar vehicles, and how to repair them to the highest manufacturer standards.

We won't take short-cuts. We'll repair your Jaguar to pre-accident condition, and we'll back all of our work with our lifetime guarantee.

For more information, visit our panel beaters page, or call us on 1300 REPAIR