What you need to know about panel beating for rear end damage

Sheen Panel Service on 18 March 2016

From car park tangles, to peak traffic bingles – rear end damage is a common consequence of almost any car crash and vehicle smash.

In fact, we estimate that rear end damage makes up for a significant amount of our work.

But not all rear end damage is the same, and in some cases there can be significant unseen damage. The unique nature of each smash means that costs and repair times will vary from job to job.

Rear End Damage Panel Beating

As expert Melbourne panel beaters, we have seen it all. From minor dents and dings, to heavy rear end bumper damage, our team of highly trained panel beaters will get your car back to pre-crash condition, with as little hassle possible.

Our rear end panel beating process

Every car is different, but our panel beating process stays the same. We thoroughly check over your car and assess the problems, both seen and hidden.

This panel beating process is thorough and meticulous – we’ll not just fix the damage, but uncover any structural damage, too.

Our panel beating steps for rear end damage:

  1. Remove rear bar, quarter panel and necessary wiring and trim
  2. Assess any unseen damage
  3. Check boot floor and rails for structural damage
  4. Repair or replace accident related damage
  5. Measure vehicle frame if required
  6. Trial fit panels
  7. Prepare and spray necessary parts
  8. Fit and finalise all parts
  9. Call customer when fully repaired and present a gift bag on vehicle pickup
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Unseen damage? What ‘unseen damage’?

As part of our panel beating process, we check for hidden or unseen damage as a result of the smash. Because it’s not just what’s on the surface that’s important; even a relatively small or simple accident can do plenty of damage other parts of your vehicle, including the alignment of your car.

In particular, the force of a rear end accident can push reinforcements through the floor of the car and cause boot floor damage.

This may also mean that the vehicle's wheels have become unaligned and will need readjustment. If left undetected, incorrect wheel alignment can cause accelerated wear of your car's tyres and other car components.

It’s important that you find a quality Melbourne panel beater that rigorously tests and checks your car for all potential damages. Going with a cheap Melbourne panel beater may end up costing you more in the long run.

  • Poor quality paints
  • Poor workmanship and skill
  • Non-genuine parts
  • Poor customer service

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What's the cost of rear end panel beating?

Since every job is different, and the extent of the rear end smash can vary, there is no set cost for a rear end panel beating.

We can however, assess the damage online. Using our ‘Upload Your Smash’ tool, you can send up photos of your car. If we can, we’ll give you an estimate of the damage and the potential cost.

If we need to inspect the car in person, then we’ll recommend that you look into our mobile panel beating or towing services.

How long will it take?

Like cost, repair times on rear end damage will vary depending on accident severity. Typically, panel beating for this kind of damage can take around 2–5 days.

But don’t think you’ll be stranded without a car this whole time! As a Sheen customer, we’ll give you a courtesy car, at no cost to you. Depending on availability, you’ll be able to choose a car that suits your lifestyle, whether it’s a family-friendly Kia Cerato or a rugged and ready Toyota Hilux.

More questions? Ask a Melbourne-based panel beating expert today!

If you have more questions about our panel beating service, call the team on 1300 REPAIR. Or find your local Sheen panel beater using our online Location Finder.