What to do if you've done some rear end damage to your car

Sheen Panel Service on 9 July 2019

If you've rear-ended your car and done some serious damage to the back of your vehicle, it can be stressful trying to figure out what's next. The first important step should be ensuring that you get the correct repairs.

Whether or not it's your fault, having a car accident is an emotional roller coaster. Unless the damage to your car is minimal, you'll need to seek a quote from a smash repairer.

The best thing you can do to 'prepare' for an unexpected bingle or collision is to:

Here's everything you need to know about rear end smash repairs.

At Sheen Panel Service, we provide quality smash repairs at competitive prices to people all over Victoria. Use our free Upload Your Smash service to get a panel beating quote within the hour or call 1300 REPAIR.

Check for structural damage

Rear end collisions are frightening and can damage your vehicle's internal structure. Thankfully, it is generally possible to fix a compromised internal structure, and claim the cost of the repairs from your car insurance provider.

Since structural damage is not always immediately apparent to the naked eye, it's essential to get an experienced smash repairer to assess and evaluate the damage to your vehicle as soon as possible. A reputable panel beater will talk you through what to do next and provide you with an accident replacement vehicle.

A damaged structure can be repaired

rear end smash repairs

If you have noticeable rear damage after a rear end collision, don’t assume the worst. With the assistance of a skilful panel beater, a compromised structure can be repaired or have its damaged sections replaced.

Specialised technology helps professional panel beaters get your vehicle back into its correct shape. The use of ultrasound equipment makes diagnosing the extent of the damage easier than ever before.

Structural damage can go undetected

If you've been involved in a rear end collision and think your car looks fine, you might be taking a risk by continuing to drive it. Structural damage to your vehicle can be caused by seemingly inconsequential prangs, as well as more serious collisions.

While you may be saving money by avoiding a smash repairs quote after an accident, it could do you a massive disservice in the long run. There may very well be structural damage hidden behind the cosmetic facade of your car.

Every car is different, but our panel beating process remains the same. We thoroughly check over your vehicle and assess the problems, both internal and external, to ensure that your car is roadworthy, and that its structural integrity has not been compromised.

Our Upload Your Smash page allows us to provide a detailed quote within the hour after you upload photos of your rear end damage. We only use genuine parts and paints, and offer a lifetime guarantee on all our repair work as well as a free accident replacement vehicle.

Why choose Sheen?

At Sheen Panel Service, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality workmanship and our customer-first approach. We will ensure you get the highest quality rear end repair work with minimal inconvenience at a competitive price.

We'll even organise a replacement vehicle for you — completely free of charge. We understand how stressful car accidents are, and do our absolute utmost to ensure you feel cared for and empowered every step of the way.

With more than 50 years servicing Melbourne and greater Victoria for smash repairs, Sheen Panel Service is a name you can trust. Use our Upload Your Smash page, try our 24-hour towing service, or simply call 1300 REPAIR next time you need reliable smash repairs.