Find out if comprehensive car insurance is all it's cracked up to be

Sheen Panel Service on 13 June 2019

If you've got a car and you want to look after it, chances are you've considered comprehensive car insurance. Taking out a comprehensive car insurance policy provides cover for collisions, as well as theft and vandalism. It also insures you against damage to other driver's vehicles and property, and weather damage - including falling branches and severe hail.

It's basically the highest level of financial protection you can buy on the road, and covers a whole range of mishaps and misfortunes.

However, it's not for everyone. The cost of comprehensive car insurance will differ depending on your circumstances and can be affected by a range of variables including:

  • What type of car you drive
  • How old you are
  • Your driving record
  • Claim history

We've explored the most common factors that are likely to impact the cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy to help you decide whether it's the right type of cover for you.

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Are you a younger driver?

do I need comprehensive car insurance

Younger drivers have to pay more for comprehensive car insurance, and some insurers also hit them with youth driver excesses. It's because statistically, drivers under 25 are more likely to be involved in road accidents in Australia.

Paying more for insurance premiums may feel like a sting to begin with, but we recommend it so that you're always covered. That said, you should always carefully assess how much you drive and use your car before taking out a policy - or learn a few ways to pay less.

Do you live in a high-risk location?

Depending on where you live, you may end up shelling out more than expected for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Premiums in high-risk areas cost more than low-risk areas. Insurers also consider whether your car is parked securely in a garage or off-street carport, or if it is parked unsecured in the street.

Inner-city residents often find they pay higher insurance costs than those in quieter suburban locations. Look at how your address and postcode impacts your insurance premiums when shopping for comprehensive car insurance to ensure that the benefits received balance out the premiums paid.

Do you drive a new, used or speciality car?

comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle

The type, make and model of your car is a huge factor when it comes to determining the cost of your comprehensive car insurance. If your car is of relatively low value, it may cost you more to insure than its market or agreed value is worth.

If you drive a car that is best described as a lemon, it's probably not worth getting comprehensive car insurance, as the overall costs are unlikely to balance out in your favour.

However, if you drive a high-powered, modified, vintage or speciality vehicle, it will cost you more to insure but be worthwhile if your car is written off. Accidents happen, and sometimes it's worth paying that little bit extra to get comprehensive cover for your pride and joy.

Other considerations

While comprehensive car insurance will provide financial protection for your car in the event of collisions, accidental damage, adverse weather, theft, vandalism and third party property damage, it is meant to save you money.

Many comprehensive car insurance policies will also offer the option of either preferred repairer or choice of repairerwhich will dictate where you can get your car fixed following a collision.

  • Preferred repairers often make car repairs cheaper for the insurance agency.
  • Choice of repairer, using Sheen Panel Service for instance, will provide a higher level of service, genuine parts, and even accident replacement vehicles.

When it comes to your policy, always read the Product Disclosure Statement from top to bottom to make sure you chose the right type of cover for your car and financial situation. Talk to an insurance policy representative or your trusted smash repairer to figure out if comprehensive car insurance is right for you.

Want to know more about insurance policies and smash repairs? Give us a call at Sheen Panel Service. Our expert panel beating team will be happy to have a chat. No matter what type of insurance you have, we can help you look after your car.